Office in a box, what’s in the box?

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This is a giveaway I do at our social business networking events valued at $65.00 I call it “Office in a box”, so what’s in the box?

-Hard plastic box, pink, blue or white/clear
-Journal A5 WTV
-Notebook softcover A5
-Notebook hardcover A5
-Index book A5
-Pink highlighter
-Fembuiz pens
-Freelancer at work vinyl sticker
-A4 display book with presentation inside.

and I’ve sometimes added more items like a stapler and hole punch because I love creating and giving away gifts.

Working FIFO and running a website business while trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle is hectic, especially when I struggle to get reception or can’t have my phone with me, I fly home and I have what feels like a never ending list of things I have to get done before flying back to work, so how do I manage?

The above office in a box comes with a presentation I have put together on different ways I use the items listed above to help me, no I don’t use the index book to keep track of phone numbers, I have a phone for that, but to find out how these items can help you run or get started on your own business, get organised or to keep you inspired, otherwise we could be going around and around on a playground like chimpanzees not knowing what to do next.


Having a casual lunch with one of the members, Nicola from The Pink Book Club.


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Louise Winton turned her talent for singing into a career

Not everyone is born with a natural talent for singing, however that’s not at all the case for Louise Winton who has been singing since before she could speak. Her talent is so great that she’s been lucky enough to turn it into a career.

It started when she was just 14 months old and by the time she was four, she would be able to hear a song on TV and then sing it in perfect pitch. That’s the type of skill and talent that most singers dream of but even through hard work may never achieve.

Of course, Louise has had singing lessons to learn how to perfect her craft and studied opera at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Since then she’s gone on to perform the lead role in many shows.

Unlike many of her creative counterparts, Louise often sources her work herself. With a great reputation and has a number of credits, which include singing at major sporting events at Suncorp Stadium, singing with Australian crooner John Farnham and others.

She had the honour of singing at Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations for the Acting Governor General at the Queensland Club which saw 180 dignitaries in attendance.

Along with these major events, she regularly performs the Australian national anthem for the military, ANZAC, Remembrance and OAM ceremonies.

Her gigs typically have anywhere from 10-500 guests, so she really does appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Her shows include those for children and she performs at weddings, funerals, aged care facilities and house concerts. While many performers want to be the centre of attention, it’s different for Louise. She has a genuine passion for performing and wants to share her gift with as many people as she possibly can, and she is very happy that she can generate an income from doing so.

With many successful performances behind her, she has won awards and recognition for her talent including gaining the position on the Moreton Region Arts Council Honour Board for my compositions “Simpson the Hero” and “Great Grandfather’s Bugle”. The awards were based on songs written for her children’s shows however they have also been performed for returned diggers all over Queensland.

Touring goes with the territory; and she is lucky enough to have a husband who supports her ambition. They are due to go travelling around Australia where she intends to perform at sheep and cattle stations before returning to Brisbane to spend time with her children and grand daughter.

When she isn’t performing in one of her shows, Louise is behind the scenes helping other talented artists perfect their art and has taken on the role of Musical Director for the Mango Hill Christmas Extravaganza 2017 and next year as well, so if you haven’t caught her already, there is still a chance. She has also been booked as Director of Entertainment for Armestis Day Centenary Commemoration 2018.

She has also embraced the digital world so if people can’t see her live, they can still enjoy her performances on YouTube.

Her motto guiding her is “Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle”.

Click here to go through to her account to book a performance.