What enticed me to buy this book? I wanted to know what the project is, I’m always trying to stick to a budget and I thought this book may have some tips for me to make things easier or to get a new insight.

Who would this book be good for?  Everyone and anyone wanting to improve their financial position without using their wages.

Was it easy to read?  Very simple to read, it has a nice flow.

Are there any beneficial points in the book? There are heaps, I was actually happy to find out I’ve already put some of these things into practice over the past years at times.  Also heaps of introductory information for investing in trades, which I knew nothing about.

What country is the book based in, where do they live? Sydney, Australia.

Check out her website it’s “Fully Lady Boss” SugarMamma.TV >> Click here <<

Book cost? I bought this at Singapore Airport on the way back from a holiday in Phuket, if I brought 5 books I got 1 for free, it went in hand considering I wasn’t going to have much money when I flew back home after this holiday. It was $34.99

Her website store >> Booktopia >> Click here <<

How many pages? 208 pages including the Acknowledgments, there’s even some blank pages at the rear which I think would be great if you want to make some notes and create a course of action.

Any graphics and diagrams?  There are some graphs on page 120 & 121. And a table with figures on page 126.  These are in the sharing shares section, being chapter 7, to help understand investing. Some gel branding images on front and back cover.

My favorite paragraph or quote? There are heaps of quotes or what I like to call “highlighted sentences” in this book. My favorite page 80.  “Be selective, focus on what’s really special to you, and make sure you’re only spending on things that you love”.

Other resources to get information or help? She has a YouTube channel which started before she wrote this book.

Click > Play > Listen > Subscribe >> Click here <<

Was there anything confusing? For me the Shares section, only because it’s all really new to me, but when I’m ready to purchase shares I’d do my homework first and pull this book back out and read that section again.

Does the title match the content? It definitely does.

Does the synopsis (summary) on the rear of the book match the content and title? Yes, it gives a clear insight of what’s to come, but it was different to what I was expecting.

Anything else? Frugal February- great idea! But you don’t have to do February, pick a month that is best suited to you and your lifestyle, e.g. If it’s your Birthday this month or a number of family members birthdays then I would pick a different month.

Did the book make me laugh? Not exactly, it’s more of an educational book, though there are many heartfelt stories in this one, I love the section at the back with her follower’s tragedy to triumph stories from following the project.


I fly in a lot of planes and work in a remote area giving me time to read, this is not a paid review, I have come across this book and many others and have been inspired to start blogging about them, especially now I have so many friends asking me for recommendations.
~R.Bennett, Founder of Fembuiz Directory

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