How to create scheduled posts in your facebook business page

Scheduling posts is a great way to get organised, you can schedule things in months ahead or keep copying and pasting the same post so it pops up every Monday, Tuesday or which ever day.  So I’m going to show you how to do this step by step with a couple of pictures to make it easy for those that are unsure, are rather time poor or simply don’t have patients to sit there and figure it out, which is normally my case.

People use this to create a marketing campaign for a new product, service or event they are about to release, or they just want to put in something up for Christmas, Easter or The Queens birthday without even touching a computer or phone to create a post that day.

Scheduling posts in when you are inspired to sit down for a few hours and punch in heaps of posts may give you time to schedule in “social media free days”, unless of course you’re posting something where you have to respond straight away.

How to create a scheduled post on your facebook business page:

How to schedule posts on your business page

2. More > Publishing tools.

  1. Login and go to your business page.
  2. Select “Publishing tools” along the top bar, you may need to select the “MORE” down button to get to this.
  3. In the grey column on the left select “Scheduled Posts”, in the future you will be able to see every post you have created, you can also go back in and edit them at any time before they are published.
  4. Select the Blue button saying “Create Post”.
  5. Write content as you would normally, add pictures or a link as you desire.
  6. Ensure you have News Feed selected.
  7. Optional – select Instagram also if you have an account and if it’s a compatible post.
  8. Click the big blue “Schedule Post” to go through to schedule arrangements.

    How to schedule posts on your business page

    9.  Select the date and time you would like it to be published.

  9. Select the date and the time you would like it to be published, be careful of the time zone, incase you haven’t fixed this it’s in your “settings”.
  10. This will save, the box will then disappear. Refresh the page.
  11. Select the “Scheduled Posts” in the grey left column, the last post you created should be at the top.
  12. Back to step 4, schedule in another post.


So now you have the tools in place to schedule posts so you can book in time in your diary for a social media free day, spend time the loved ones, go for a swim or get your nails done.  I once scheduled in 20 posts using my phone while getting my hair done, save yourself some more time by doing 2 things at once, because we know we can.


You’re welcome.