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According to the latest report, Australia ranks among the ten leading global marketplace for women entrepreneurs with over 34 percent of total female entrepreneurship. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 12.1% of Australia’s 5.9 million employed women are now self-employed. Women are running more than 1/3rd of all small businesses as an owner.

A piece of extensive information and expertise is required to become a successful businesswoman. To flourish your business and to be a successful women entrepreneur, you should follow some worldwide accepted ideas. In this blog, you will find the top 10 business tips for small business owners.



Tip 1: Technology and Networking:

In Australia, 8 out of ten women entrepreneurs believe that technology and social media is proved to be effective to grow their small businesses.  In this technology-dominated society, networking and the creation of new connections have become crucial. Technology not only helps to contact potential customers or partners but also provides ideas, experiences, and expertise to achieve a new goal for your small business.

If your association with the people will be more, the more likely you are to discover new ideas to turn Australian business profitable. For a successful business, you should use technology, which is a cheap way for small businesses. Create a website or Facebook page and promote your business through social media.

Tip 2: Get Feedback from your customers:

It is essential to get feedback and reviews from your customers to grow your business. Positive reviews and constructive criticism from your clients can be beneficial for your small business. Encourage your clients to engage with you through social networking, customer support, or direct contact. You can display feedback of satisfied customers related to business to your potential clients.

Tip # 3:  Get Direction from Experts- for free

You can get advice from experts for free. Many business experts will feel happy to assist the small business owners if you communicate politely to them. For this purpose, LinkedIn is an excellent forum to ask for advice. Some websites or blogs can also provide advice related to business such as this blog providing tips for small business owners.



Tip 4: Flexibility is vital:

Being a small business owner, you should evaluate your company’s performance on regular basis and implement changes if required. Face the positive and constructive feedback if a business is not running according to your plans. Try to learn from customer feedback and make changes to your plans or products. This flexibility will help to run the business successfully.

Tip 5: Stay focused on your goal

Don’t ever lose sight of the reason to initiate your business. Ups and downs are part of a business. Whenever you get success or face failure, stay focused on your goal. Do not forget the purpose to start your business. Remember that journey on the way of business is full of challenges, risks failure, and success also. If you ever face downtime then learn from experiences or mistakes and don’t move back or away from your path.

Tip 6: Don’t bid less, give more

Reducing the cost of products in competition with large businesses is a foul game. Instead of reducing the prices of your products, try to compete with competitors through quality products, marketing strategy, product awareness, and customer support. Always address the issues of customers and target the benefits you are going to provide.

Tip 7: Spot-on payment system:

To manage the everyday activities and operations in your business, a steady cash flow is required. For this purpose, paid invoices are used. You must have a spot-on payment system that will help you to issue a professional receipt and provide information on the date and timing of payment. In this way, your business will be organized.

Tip 8: Plan a marketing strategy

Running a successful business requires a great marketing strategy. Sometimes, small business owners don’t fully comprehend the concept of marketing or lack the financial resources for marketing purposes. However, for business expansion and to attract more customers marketing is crucial. So, raise awareness and start advertising your product through digital marketing (Facebook or Google ads). You can hire a professional digital marketer for this purpose.



Tip 9: Analyze your competitors

It does not matter that your business is on a large scale or small, you will always have competitors. If you don’t have any competitor against your small business then it may be that product you are going to sell is not the need of customers. If you are selling any product then it is certain that some other business owner is selling the same or related products. So, analyze and do proper research about your competitors. Try to find that what products your competitors are selling and which way they are using to sell those products. In this way, you can find a better way to grow your small business.

Tip 10: Train your Employees

If you want to grow your business, make sure to hire expert people for your small business. After that try to engage your employees in business affairs by entrusting some responsibilities and control to your employees. It will help to polish the expertise and skills of the employees. An effective leader and owner should have the ability to share or teach her skills and experience to their employees. In this way, you can boost the sales of products and grow your small business.

In short, these are a few advice and tips for businesswomen running their small business which they can opt for easily. Some tips may be difficult to implement while some will be convenient for you ladies. If you want to run a successful business then don’t stay in your comfort zone, take the bold initiative to develop and improve your business.


Alicia Young

News Anchor to New Age: How I Transformed from the HeadSpace of News to the HeartSpace of Soul Planning.

Have you ever kept a part of yourself hidden?

I did—for years.

As a journalist, I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had: reporting from the White House, anchoring from Moscow, or interviewing people as they met life’s challenges with grit and grace.

From the start, I was taught to report a news story in a way that you could take it on its merits: my own views were sidelined (and rightly so).

At the same time, I felt some personal encounters begin to surface, after years of simmering away in the background.

I had met my guardian angel at age three.

I have been an egg donor, and while under anesthesia (when the eggs were harvested), I was visited by a warm, soothing grandma figure. She gently assured me that a baby boy was waiting for his new parents; she was right.

And then: I had an OBE (an out-of-body experience) in which I met the soul of a (different) little boy. There was no tunnel of light, nor was I near death. ‘Bobby’ was the son of my childhood friend ‘Jane.’ He was lovingly determined to reach his grieving mother; he said Jane’s deep grief blinded her to the signs he sent. I was no more than a go-between.

I found myself on the Other Side, where I viewed one of his pre-birth Soul Planning sessions. A Soul Plan is a celestial blueprint each of us designs for our upcoming life. I saw Bobby choose his parents, his siblings, and even his birth order. He softly explained why he couldn’t stay (it was nothing Jane had done).

Initially, I wasn’t sure how to process all this, so I did what I’d always done: I wrote. I tend to ‘think through my fingers and scribbled away—at first, my shaky handwriting resembled chicken scratchings as I collected my thoughts and poured out everything I recalled.

Of course, I called Jane and her husband.

But otherwise, I kept silent for years. Why?

My cheeks are burning as I tell you: it was simply ego. The truth was, I would rather you had thought of me as a ‘sensible journalist’ than anything ‘woo’.

I tucked it away, fearful of risking my career. Even though Jane gave me her blessing to write a book, I stalled.

Slowly, I began to share the experience and saw the comfort it brought others. That sparked a shift.

Finally, I sat down to write the book that would become Visit from Heaven. Even so, I tied myself in knots and took a year to muster the courage to use my real name.

That was 2019. News colleagues have mostly been supportive, though a few backed away; they couldn’t reconcile the ‘journalist’ Alicia they knew with the new ‘spiritual’ model (though she had always been there). I have largely stepped away from on-air work and I enjoy showing others how to be their own publicist. When a big news story breaks, I still feel the tug of wanting to ‘run with the herd’, but I cherish my new direction.

Today, I mostly speak about Bobby’s visit, whether to groups or in private sessions. I hold a special space for women who have lost a child (born or unborn). I see them blame themselves and my heart breaks, thinking, if only they knew the magnificence of their souls. These mamas so bravely and selflessly agreed to parent these little ones, who were unsure they would even stay this time around.

Visit from Heaven: A Soul’s Message of Love, Loss & Family is available on Amazon and via info@aliciayoung.net

Alicia Young


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Maria Baker

Maria Baker

Melbourne-based solopreneur, Maria Baker of Nobody’s Princess snow apparel is answering the demand from women who ski and snowboard, by creating the best fitting snow pants for women, ever.

Melbourne, Victoria: Nobody’s Princess is innovating the women’s snow apparel industry with a new functional design of women’s snow pants. Nobody’s Princess snow pants are specially designed to fit all women’s body shapes and offer a new way for women who ski and snowboard to feel empowered and confident through comfort while on the slopes.

 “Women who participate in the sport are looking for something they can fit their butt and thighs into comfortably,” says Maria Baker, Founder at Nobody’s Princess. “We’ve gone straight to the source to identify the pain points women experience at the snow and addressed each of them to create a pair of pants to suit any body shape and instil confidence in women so they can concentrate on enjoying their time in the snow”.

Being a pear-shaped snowboarder herself, Maria found there was a large gap in the market for appropriately fitting snow pants for women and devised a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to gauge the interest. The successful results of the campaign indicated she wasn’t alone.

Nobody’s Princess is currently preparing for the second round of crowd-funding, beginning in June.

Maria is aiming to raise $60,000 in pre-sale orders to meet the minimum order quantity to get the product made. If successful, the pants will be available worldwide from August 2021, at $259AUD. For more information on Nobody’s Princess or to Pre-order yours now click here.

About Nobody’s Princess: Maria Baker, 34, was left devastated when her dream job became a reality, then was taken away from her three weeks later due to COVID-19. Now, she is pursuing a new dream to innovate women’s snow pants and provide them with the best fitting snow pants, ever.

Maria was working as a Studio Manager/Senior Designer for a major beauty retailer when she was offered her dream role as a Creative Lead for a buying group in the travel industry. After just three weeks in her new position, COVID-19 hit and she was immediately stood down. Instead of venturing on the three business trips, she was scheduled for, Maria was left to her own accord in a small Melbourne apartment contemplating what her next move was going to be.

Maria Baker wearing the best fitting snow pants, ever.😁

She then made the brave decision to tackle an idea she had been sitting on since 2018, head-on. Maria began to embark on an entrepreneurial journey designing women’s snow pants. With no previous knowledge of the fashion/ textile industry, experience or funding

To date, Nobody’s Princess has raised over $12,000 based on a concept and has sparked the interest of women who  ski and snowboard, globally.

Submitted by: Kiera Elliot-Pickett, on behalf of Maria Baker from Nobody’s Princess.

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