Have you ever wondered where you could find someone to help boost your career as an assistant? Or how to find a great assistant with support?  We all know two heads are better than one.

Megan Haigh gathered her years of experience with being an Executive Assistant and stepped into her own business, as the EA landscape changes, these roles are now taking on more responsibility with very little help on how to guide them, so Megan launched a recruitment, coaching and training business called “Executive Entourage” based in Sydney, NSW, which helps Executives find the right Assistant for their business needs across Australia, not just what they need now, but also what they may need in the future, by working with the Executive and business to create the description to help find a successful candidate.

By also reaching out to the Assistants to find where they currently are in their career, help and direct them with their career ambitions to find them the best role for the next stage of their career and provide training to help them get there.

The relationship between the Executive and the Assistant is important for the business and we want to make sure that this will be a strong and long-lasting relationship that will help the business and their careers thrive by working alongside an award-winning C Suite Executive Assistant in Australia and APAC region with 20+ years of experience.

“Executive Entourage provides networking and collaboration opportunities for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Virtual Assistants who are dedicated to achieving their goals and meeting other like-minded individuals in the industry.

The Executive Entourage EA Network is a free network for Assistants globally to collaborate in a safe environment. It is a support network for career and personal growth and is full of tactics, insights and inspiration. Assistants are encouraged to ask questions or advice from other Assistants to gain support in their everyday role and career.”

Megan says, “I am so lucky that I have a wide variety of experience as an EA and running businesses for Executives, multi-tasking became my speciality with having experience in all different areas of business to draw from”.

Megan Haigh

Megan Haigh

When Megan isn’t working in her home office she leads an active and recreational lifestyle with the love of the outdoors, from playing soccer to skiing or mountain bike riding, walking her large soft and fluffy dog “Sully” the Alaskan Malamute with her Husband and son.


A note from Megan – For anyone wanting to take the leap to start their own business, as my main support person (husband) says “You will never know if you don’t try”.  

I was one of those that feared taking that initial leap, I started with collecting research, finding an available business name, registering it and trademarking it, after that nothing could hold me back, I was like a freight train, now I get a new sense of pride and purpose with my unique offering, just follow your intuition and your heart, give it a try, if you don’t you will never know.

My favourite quote is, “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success”. ~ Arianna Huffington.”

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