About Us

Fembuiz enables female business owners, employed professionals, contractors and repairers to list their services all under one roof so that you can feel safer and at ease choosing any service from our directory, whilst helping women working in male-dominated trades to stand out.

Obviously, we at Fembuiz also support male businesses that understand the current climate, work hard to reassure female clients and provide a safe working relationship. We are proud to work with these companies and support their aims to make their female clients feel at ease.

The Fembuiz mission statement is to empower established businesswomen to succeed and to encourage women to start businesses of their own so they have more opportunities and can pick their own hours to work around their children, hobbies, travel and loved ones.

We Exist For Two Reasons

To help women earn an income while working from home and pick their hours around their loved ones.

To enable female business owners & tradies to list their services within a female orientated niche.

All it takes is for one person to spread the word and the effect is truly encouraging. You may be calling a lady tradie today, and your daughter may then be inspired to work in that same industry when she grows up. It’s our hope that one day she could be featured on our homepage inspiring others.

For years it seemed like women weren’t entering the trades, and if they did, it was tough to gain business due to the lack of promotion and advertising.

Fembuiz aims to change that with women helping, encouraging and supporting each other.

The directory allows all community members of Australia or even overseas to find female businesses that perhaps aren’t currently getting enough publicity. We all know that advertising can be extremely expensive. Fembuiz is an affordable way to reach the market and gain contacts in a positive and supportive environment. We can particularly help provide an online presence for those startup businesses that may not have their own website yet.

These events also bring a wonderful chance for some of the women to display or show their talents such as catering or photography skills.

Public – Women in business – Australia Group

We also have subgroups available on Facebook, one for each state in Australia, you can find these in the group’s tab on our Facebook page.

Private – Fembuiz Members Only Group

We suggest our members submit a blog post about their business, products and services. We find that blogging is a great way for women to express themselves and inspire others. If you become a gold member, you can submit your blog by email. Your story could be the start of someone else’s journey and we believe that it needs to be heard.  (Requirements must be met for the blog, we will send you those once you join).

We cover all industries from trades and services through to marketing, finance, advertising and home businesses. Join us or find a service in our directory today.

About the Founder Rebecca

Hi, I’m Rebecca and anyone who knows me understands I am a cheese-loving chocoholic who doesn’t like coffee! I’m also committed to creating a safe space where women can reach out to other women who are either wanting to create a business, start a new hobby, or ask for advice.  

I first started the Fembuiz directory several years ago while I was also working as a Heavy Machine Operator on a FIFO roster and volunteering in the Emergency Rescue Crew doing Fire & Medical work. I enjoyed and learned a lot through these roles. However, I recently took the plunge and resigned from both roles to work on Fembuiz full-time. 

It’s a huge pleasure and source of pride for me to be able to offer women an affordable space to list and advertise their business so they can work from home and pick their hours around their loved ones. I know how hard it can be to juggle starting a business alongside other commitments so I am always looking for ways to help make this easier. 

Since returning to Perth full-time, I am loving the Perth life. I grab any chance I can to have fun and enjoy being outdoors.

When I am not managing the directory and planning events (virtual events have already started, just check out the Facebook page!) I can be found on a beach somewhere, either fishing or snapping photos. I also spend lots of time being silly with my German Shepherd puppy or just relaxing with my partner. 

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