It’s time to secure your spot in our July 2018 Edition of the Fembuiz Directory Flyer!  


Physical flyers are an incredibly large advertising market, aiming to enhance exposure of your business, focusing on potential clients who don’t always use online methods to find services or products, that’s where our NEW A4 flyer comes in.

Fembuiz Directory will be cold calling between the Joondalup and Bunbury areas.  2,ooo flyers will be printed and distributed also at networking events.  

An additional 6.600 flyers will be distributed to homes in the Mosman Park and Cottesloe areas.

Our new flyer approach is giving your business access to a whole range of potential new clients.

We have options for all budgets and designs.




Option Category   Description Design Cost
Option A   4 Line word advert Black & White $56
Option B   5 Line word advert Black & White $70
Option C   Graphic 8.5cm  x 4.5cm or word advert


Full Colour $196


Option A, B

Size 10 font

Business name in Bold

4 lines of information including your contact and social media handles

33 characters per line

Alphabetical order

No dividing lines

example below:

Option C

Graphic advert – Supplied or created in-house

No dividing lines


Don’t miss out!

30th JUNE


What to do next?

 Step 1 – Select your option from the following page

Step 2 – Make your payment by 30th June

Step 3 – Send in your advert details/graphics – [email protected]