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5 Tips on Pitching Your Crowdfunding Business Ideas

Are you still trying to create that winning crowdfunding pitch for your campaign? A mind-blowing pitch is what you will need to seal the deal. Crowdfunding platforms offer a large online audience to present your campaign goals, but a pitch that catches the investor’s attention will set you apart from the rest. What is crowdfunding? […]

8 TEDx power talks for Businesswomen

These inspiring power talks for businesswomen by women will help to show you the only person you should compare yourself with is yourself, with who you were yesterday or years before, most of the time we are comparing ourselves with others, their perceived success and with what is perfect, and let’s not forget those walls […]

Restructuring our Fembuiz memberships and groups.

We are currently restructuring our Fembuiz memberships and groups. Our private Fembuiz members only Facebook group will soon close. The good news is our large group with 7000+ business women across Australia is available for you to post in. For members to post in this group you must now be a member and have your […]

List of free health and fitness resources for Australians

Fembuiz is aiming to head towards health and fitness more, particularly women’s health, so I have for all of you and for any business a list of things that may help when it comes to health and fitness, a healthy workplace can increase productivity, so save this “List of free health and fitness resources for […]

Sharing business traffic statistics

Over the past couple of years there have been some life-changing events, such as the Pandemic and now with what’s going on with Ukraine and Russia, plus the cost of fuel and oil now rising, businesses have been affected dramatically, some closing down while others have boomed, not only does this affect businesses but individual […]

5 Tips on Collaborating or Helping a Friends Business

Diving right in and starting a new business can be daunting, but with your help, you can be a supportive friend or loved one by collaborating or helping a friend’s business. Connect with your loved one’s businesses and offer the much-needed support and learn something new along the way! What’s the best way to help […]

8 benefits of face-to-face and online networking 

I could rave all day about the benefits of networking! It’s truly a wonderful way to build your connections, learn new things, and grow your business – but not in the way you might think. Whether you are building a business that is your main job and source of income, or if you’re creating a […]

7 Businesses working from home

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum, recently lost your job, you don’t know what’s next career-wise, or simply looking for a way to make more money part-time, then finding a way to work from home could be perfect for you. Home-based businesses are becoming more common, with more people discovering ways to leverage remote work and […]

Kath Mazzella and her mission to create Gynaecological/Vulval Awareness

“Vagina”, “the clit”, “muff”, “minge”, “pussy”, “fanny”, “the snatch” are very commonly used words and slang words when talking about “the lady-private part” professionally known as “the vulva”, but not for Kath Mazzella, it’s her goal to create Gynaecological/Vulval awareness. At 42 years of age, Kath had her Clitoris, Vulva and groin lymph glands removed […]

Megan Haigh and the Executive Entourage

Have you ever wondered where you could find someone to help boost your career as an assistant? Or how to find a great assistant with support?  We all know two heads are better than one. Megan Haigh gathered her years of experience with being an Executive Assistant and stepped into her own business, as the […]

Finding out about the woman behind the business

I love finding out about the woman behind the business, going further than “the picture speaks 1000 words” and speaking to them, by finding out more about how they have become the amazing lady that they are, how they got to be where they are now, then creating a story from their journey to post […]

Business Marketing Foresight by Rebecca Bennett

Did you know that Facebook made just over $27 billion dollars in 2020 just in ad revenue, in the 4th Quarter alone! They have over 200 million businesses listed from around the world, in 2019 65% of their users were under 35. How much have you spent advertising your business page recently to stand out […]

What do you hear them say with Swati

Hi everyone, Swati here. A mumpreneur based in Melbourne 🙂 Before I introduce myself, I’d request you to do a small visualisation exercise with me. If you could, visualise your 70th birthday bash, where you’re surrounded with those who care for you and as everyone has a turn to share something about you – what […]

TransGlitterUs by NSW Lesbian couple Gabby & Irene

New South Wales couple self-funds support services for Transgender women and the LGBTQI+ community. Callala Bay, New South Wales – Lesbian couple, Gabby & Irene, have both separately experienced mental health battles; the winning battle was finding each other and launching a new business offering free support services and makeup tutorials for Transgender Women with […]

10 tips for mums working from home with infants and toddlers

According to Gender workplace statistics of Australia, females account for 47.2 percent of all the working Australians, with 25.8 percent full-time employed while 21.4 percent are working part-time. Since the COVID-19 closed significant portions of the Australian economy, recent findings from Roy Morgan reveals that out of 47.2 %, almost 33 percent of employed women […]

10 BUSINESS TIPS FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – Australian Women Entrepreneurs

According to the latest report, Australia ranks among the ten leading global marketplace for women entrepreneurs with over 34 percent of total female entrepreneurship. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 12.1% of Australia’s 5.9 million employed women are now self-employed. Women are running more than 1/3rd of all small businesses as an owner. A […]

Visit from Heaven with Alicia Young

News Anchor to New Age: How I Transformed from the HeadSpace of News to the HeartSpace of Soul Planning. Have you ever kept a part of yourself hidden? I did—for years. As a journalist, I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had: reporting from the White House, anchoring from Moscow, or interviewing people as they […]

The best fitting snow pants for women ever! Created by Maria Baker

Melbourne-based solopreneur, Maria Baker of Nobody’s Princess snow apparel is answering the demand from women who ski and snowboard, by creating the best fitting snow pants for women, ever. Melbourne, Victoria: Nobody’s Princess is innovating the women’s snow apparel industry with a new functional design of women’s snow pants. Nobody’s Princess snow pants are specially […]