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I love to blog about the women behind the business, going further than “the picture speaks 1000 words” and speaking to them, by finding out more about how they have become the amazing lady that they are, how they got to be where they are now, then creating a story from their journey to post amongst our blogs or add to their member’s page.

It is so easy for women to feel trapped in their daily jobs, not only going to work but all those dreaded house chores that never seem to end, and/or helping kids with homework or running them to school or too out of school activities. We also have Facebook groups for businesswomen to connect with each other.

How have some women broken themselves free from that feeling of groundhog day?

Or even better, that feeling of abundance that so many of us dream of.


Taking a moment out to find out exactly what they do, what their lives involve, every business is completely different because behind the business is a unique woman who is self-motivated and once took that big leap into creating something of their very own and posted about it in this blog.

Love, desire and passion drove them to chase their dreams, fulfilment and purpose.

I “Rebecca” like to delve into the other areas of their lives and get tips from the members and guests for followers, so they don’t feel alone.

To comment on our blogs you will have to be registered as a user or have your business listed in the directory, this helps to reduce the number of spam visitors.

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