Sharing business traffic statistics

Sharing business traffic statistics

Keep it realOver the past couple of years there have been some life-changing events, such as the Pandemic and now with what’s going on with Ukraine and Russia, plus the cost of fuel and oil now rising, businesses have been affected dramatically, some closing down while others have boomed, not only does this affect businesses but individual incomes and expenses. Today I am going to share some of our business traffic statistics.

Authenticity and business values play a big part in business, some stand by using Organic advertising only as others are happy to fork out thousands in paid advertising, a lot of businesses will use a bit of both, collaborate or have other avenues.

When creating your marketing plan just remember that the world changes, when there are events such as the Pandemic and War, the same goes for a town when there’s been a tornado, hurricane, floods or fire, people’s circumstances change and so do priorities, from trying to purchase toilet paper to wondering where they’re going to sleep tonight or get their next pay packet from to a bag of groceries.

When things like this happen, make sure you go back and revisit your marketing plan because if you keep doing the same thing, nothing will change but the world will be around you and let’s not forget to mention as generations get older, as new social media platforms are created and algorithms change, there’s always so much going on that needs to be taken into consideration.

Revisit your marketing plan

Google AnalyticsLink your website to Google Analytics and check in regularly with what’s happening, get yourself a diary or calendar and write down what you change and what you’ve been doing while working on your business, so when you look over your Analytics and you notice a change you can look back in your diary and see what did because we’re all doing so much it’s easier to remember this way instead of been left wondering, “What did I do back 2020 in January that brought x— amount of more visitors”.

Google AppsIf you have a Gmail account you can find this in your app store at the top right corner, along with many other apps that can help you manage your business.

I get asked on a regular basis what type of traffic we get and what our target audience is, not all information should be given out, it can be very private, you need to keep an eye out for copycats trying to source information they shouldn’t, being nosey.

Being asked what your target audience is and what your marketing plan is, is almost like peeking through a lady’s underwear draw, well that’s how it feels to me, it’s personal.

On the other hand, some customers want to know and need to know before listing their business or going ahead with your services, so here is what I’m willing to share:

Below I have posted some of the statistics from our website from 2019 to 2021, a 3-year span.

Fembuiz business traffic statistics:

Statistics over 3 years from 2019-2021

Fembuiz has visitors from all over the world, with Perth, WA ranking #1 for visitors over the previous 3 years.

73% of visitors were from Australia

16.3% came from the United States, and

5% from India


Our most visited categories have been:

1 Business Services
2 Construction and Trades
3 Legal, Finance and Insurance
4 Sporting Groups
5 Designers, artists and handmade goods

Country Visitors to Fembuiz

Fembuiz Visitors 2019-2021

Our most visited blogs:

2019 2020 2021
1st Men’s networking and business groups Acronyms and abbreviations for social media and business chats Eat for your hormones with Lyn Fernie
2nd Social Media and Digital Market Success Best times to post on different social media platforms The best-fitting snow pants for women ever created by Maria Baker
3rd How to overcome injuries with Julie Metsola Eat for your Hormones with Lyn Fernie Megan Haigh and the Executive Entourage


Over the course of these three years, there were changes made to the layout and process of the directory listings, bringing in the 3 step process.

We also found that there were a lot of spam visitors submitting ungenuine, offensive and untrusted links in the comments section of the blogs, we only approved authentic, legitimate and trustworthy comments.

This took a lot of time to filter through.

During this time we had blocked their I.P. addresses and blacklisted unappreciative words being used in comments and then decided to turn off comments from the public.

To leave comments on the blogs you now must be registered, with or without a business listing.


How is 2022 looking?

This January and February of 2022 so far we have had 2,200+ page views across the site with 41% being United States visitors and 40% being from Australia. 
Compared to last year U.S. Visitors were 19% and Australia was 50% over the same 2 months.
I’m not sure why interest from the U.S. has boomed this year, along with people staying on the site 3 times longer.  I find this interesting as I have never targeted the U.S. 
This could be because of what’s going on with Ukraine and Russia or maybe because I’ve recently been through the entire site, audited and edited each listing and their SEO recently.
Analysing your target market, have a look over your marketing plan then analyse the actual results, you may just need to create some minor changes or you could find an audience you didn’t realise you had.