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We like to feature businesswomen listed in this directory and share their story, their journey into business to help inspire others and create awareness for their business.

Have you ever wondered where you could find someone to help boost your career as an assistant? Or how to find a great assistant with support?  We all know two heads are better than one.

Megan Haigh gathered her years of experience with being an Executive Assistant and stepped into her own business, as the EA landscape changes, these roles are now taking on more responsibility with very little help on how to guide them, so Megan launched a recruitment, coaching and training business called “Executive Entourage” based in Sydney, NSW, which helps Executives find the right Assistant for their business needs across Australia, not just what they need now, but also what they may need in the future, by working with the Executive and business to create the description to help find a successful candidate.

By also reaching out to the Assistants to find where they currently are in their career, help and direct them with their career ambitions to find them the best role for the next stage of their career and provide training to help them get there.

The relationship between the Executive and the Assistant is important for the business and we want to make sure that this will be a strong and long-lasting relationship that will help the business and their careers thrive by working alongside an award-winning C Suite Executive Assistant in Australia and APAC region with 20+ years of experience.

“Executive Entourage provides networking and collaboration opportunities for Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Virtual Assistants who are dedicated to achieving their goals and meeting other like-minded individuals in the industry.

The Executive Entourage EA Network is a free network for Assistants globally to collaborate in a safe environment. It is a support network for career and personal growth and is full of tactics, insights and inspiration. Assistants are encouraged to ask questions or advice from other Assistants to gain support in their everyday role and career.”

Megan says, “I am so lucky that I have a wide variety of experience as an EA and running businesses for Executives, multi-tasking became my speciality with having experience in all different areas of business to draw from”.

Megan Haigh

Megan Haigh

When Megan isn’t working in her home office she leads an active and recreational lifestyle with the love of the outdoors, from playing soccer to skiing or mountain bike riding, walking her large soft and fluffy dog “Sully” the Alaskan Malamute with her Husband and son.


A note from Megan – For anyone wanting to take the leap to start their own business, as my main support person (husband) says “You will never know if you don’t try”.  

I was one of those that feared taking that initial leap, I started with collecting research, finding an available business name, registering it and trademarking it, after that nothing could hold me back, I was like a freight train, now I get a new sense of pride and purpose with my unique offering, just follow your intuition and your heart, give it a try, if you don’t you will never know.

My favourite quote is, “Failure is not the opposite of success; it’s part of success”. ~ Arianna Huffington.”

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I love finding out about the woman behind the business, going further than “the picture speaks 1000 words” and speaking to them, by finding out more about how they have become the amazing lady that they are, how they got to be where they are now, then creating a story from their journey to post on my website.

It is so easy for women to feel trapped in their daily jobs, not only going to work but all those dreaded house chores that never seem to end, and/or helping kids with homework or running them to school or out of school activities.

How have some women broken themselves free from that feeling of groundhog day?



Or even better, that feeling of abundance that so many of us dream of.

Taking a moment out to find out exactly what they do and what their lives involve, every business is completely different because behind the business is a unique woman who is self-motivated and once took that big leap into creating something of their own.

Love, desire and passion drove them to chase their dreams, fulfilment and purpose.

I “Rebecca” like to delve into the other areas of their lives and get tips from the members and guests for followers so they don’t feel alone and feel as though they can connect with our members listed in the directory.


Rebecca Bennett –

Hi everyone, Swati here. A mumpreneur based in Melbourne 🙂

Before I introduce myself, I’d request you to do a small visualisation exercise with me.

If you could, visualise your 70th birthday bash, where you’re surrounded with those who care for you and as everyone has a turn to share something about you – what do you hear them say?

Are they talking about your inspirational life?

A life fulfilling your vision & making a difference to them & others?

Regardless of our age, title, business size, leadership level, these questions are for us all.

What would you like to be known for?

What mark would you like to leave behind?

I have battled with these questions myself and while 15+ years in the corporate world, across IT, HR, Recruitment & Education sectors, offered me a myriad of thrills and challenges making my journey one full of learning & growth, it didn’t give me an ability to answer these questions.

After all those years, I had nothing to my name, except a transient job title.

I believe most people, like me, have greater ambitions to achieve than they get the opportunity to, through their job roles.

Thankfully, I earned some mentoring relationships that put me on the path to fulfil my ambition of doing something that I could call my own and could not only serve me & others through my lifetime but would outlive & outlast me.

For the value & meaning, this association has brought to my life, I have chosen to pay forward and continue in the footsteps of my mentors.

Together, through our personalised mentorship and coaching program, we have empowered 1000s of people in areas of personal growth, leadership development & business ownership, allowing them to create some great results alongside their jobs, so they could over a period of time, own their time & resources and channelise them at will.

While we don’t charge for our mentorship, we are selective about who we invest our time into.

We don’t look for skills, qualifications or capital, instead, we select people based on their characters & hunger to build something for themselves.

We are excited to work with people who believe what we believe!

If you’re looking to achieve bigger, better goals in life and feel you need coaching and support to get there, feel free to get in touch & let’s talk.

Thank you, from Swati.

TransGlitterUs Founders

New South Wales couple self-funds support services for Transgender women and the LGBTQI+ community.

Callala Bay, New South Wales – Lesbian couple, Gabby & Irene, have both separately experienced mental health battles; the winning battle was finding each other and launching a new business offering free support services and makeup tutorials for Transgender Women with their makeup brand, TransGlitterUs. 

Gabby, a Transgender Woman, age 45, knew who she was at the ripe age of 12-years-old. Mentally working through the memories of being ridiculed, teased, abused and laughed at, even physically hurt, will forever be an ongoing process. At 40-years-old, Gabby physically celebrated who she is and began Hormone Replacement  Therapy (aka HRT); a process that took her 28-years to begin, yet has been terrifyingly invigorating.  

TransGlitterUs“Mentally, I knew who I was since I was 12 years old,” Gabby says, “publicly, I “came out” five years ago, and socially about four years ago”, she continues, “I’ve spent many years on the psychologist’s couch fighting mental illness. Being Transgender is the hardest thing in my life but also the most rewarding”.  

Irene, 34, was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but grew up in Switzerland. She has ongoing battles with depression since a very young age and experiences social anxiety as a result of having a difficult relationship with her family. 

“At two years old, I was adopted from a Brazilian orphanage and unfortunately, I could never bond with my adoptive family”, says Irene, “psychologists never help, nor did talking with friends. No one ever understood me. I never got over being adopted. And that’s where it all starts.”, she says. 

In 2019, Gabby met Irene. They spoke for 8-hours straight on their first date and moved in together two weeks later. After four months the couple discussed their lack of mental support growing up. Gabby had been wanting to offer her advice and support based on her personal experiences but lacked the courage and support to pursue it. With the assistance and determination of Irene, eight months later, in April 2020, they launched their self-funded, not-for-profit support service and community for Transgender and greater LGBTQI+ Community, TransGlitterUs

“I had very little to no support when I was growing up. It’s not been until recent years that I have plenty, after sourcing myself. This is why we started our business to help others in their early transition where it is needed most”, says Gabby. 

TransGlitterUs offers makeup tutorials from their safe community space and shop in Callala Bay. Irene and  Gabby introduce the products – what they’re used for, how to use them and colour-match – with no obligation to purchase.  

For many Transgender Women, the first step to “come out” in public is to start to wear makeup.

TransGlitterUsNowadays makeup is a multi-million business and the vast range of products can be very overwhelming. So, our idea was to have a larger but affordable range of makeup to provide Transgender Women in a welcome and safe environment”, says Irene, “in public, it can be quite stressful and uncomfortable to first engage in makeup, due to the fear of being judged or not being served. We try to avoid those embarrassing moments by offering intimate sessions”, she continues. 

The free support service is a rewarding project that has led the ladies to find a better mental place.  

“I have good days and really bad days. I can be very depressed for a couple of days but then tell myself that I  can manage this and better days will come” says Irene, “so, I normally give myself a project to concentrate my energy on. Since the business, there is always something to do which helps a lot”. 

Gabby and Irene are on a mission to help others in the LGBTQI+ community find their better place. TransGlitterUs is a double-sided business; not-for-profit, free support for Transgender Women and a brand of high-quality, affordable makeup where proceeds go towards funding the support.  

Gabby and Irene offer their time and support to anyone who needs to talk to someone who understands what they are going through. They meet up with clients throughout the New South Wales region, welcome anyone to their space in Callala Bay and offer online sessions to those who live interstate. They have recently helped a 25 year old transitioning woman obtains her driver’s licence – an example of what support they can offer.  Furthermore, they offer but not limited to, advice and assistance on transitioning, connecting LGBTQI with the community – and best of all, simply being a friend to rely on. 

In November 2020, Irene proposed to Gabby in front of a small Transgender Women’s group. They say with the love, support and acceptance shown by each other they are liberated and can achieve anything. Gabby and Irene are currently planning their wedding for August 2021. 

If you would like more information about the services and makeup offered by TransGlitterUs, please visit or connect with us socially or Instagram @transglitterus

Talia Wells is an everyday mum living and working in Ipswich in South East Queensland. She started her journey into business just over 6 months ago when she saw an opportunity to create something she felt was missing in her community – a way to connect and support other mums.

Whilst Talia started by launching her Everyday Mums “8 Week First Time Mums Program” which is a modern, curated Mother’s Group. She now runs a number of programs and workshops from pregnancy, through to fitness and paediatric first aid.

The programs that Talia facilitates bring together groups of women and offers them engaging activities, educational tools and access to a range of expert speakers.

But at its heart, the focus of Everyday Mums is on fostering an environment that encourages empowerment through connecting and supporting women as they navigate through the beautiful and somewhat messy journey of motherhood. 

I love the flexibility of being able to work from home around my husband and two young daughters, plus making so many lovely connections. At Everyday Mums we support our community further by utilising the local spaces to run our programs, we are currently holding them at our local yoga studio, Ipswich PCYC and the local private midwifery practice.  I also engage with a number of local professionals and businesses who are experts in their fields, and who can bring specific knowledge and value as guest speakers at the sessions. 

Talia said “Being a Mum myself, I understand how important it is to be able to have that flexibility in our working life, keep our health, hobbies and social life in balance, especially when your body is going through such major changes – bringing an adorable little human into the world can take its toll on your body. Hustling and juggling all the balls isn’t always easy”. 

In her spare time Talia enjoys Crossfit, she volunteers, she’s (very slowly) renovating an old Queenslander home and she tries to get out with her young family to the beach, parks, and to see friends as much as possible.

“Taking this leap has been one of the most rewarding feelings. I was afraid of failing and embarrassing myself.  How would I be able to do this all on my own?  But I found strength in the women and professionals I connected with.  For those who are looking to take that leap into business – just start, little by little, don’t overthink it, just do it!  Get a good support network around you, some key mentors and just go for it”, Talia suggested. I have loved being able to encourage and support several fellow Mums to start their own little business ventures. I can see first hand when women support each other, incredible things happen.

Everyday Mums are currently building their website where you will be able to find and purchase upcoming programs, resources and join their newsletter.  In the meantime, you can see their variety of programs and connect with Talia on her Everyday Mums Facebook and Instagram page.

News Anchor to New Age: How I Transformed from the HeadSpace of News to the HeartSpace of Soul Planning.

Have you ever kept a part of yourself hidden?

I did—for years.

As a journalist, I’m so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had: reporting from the White House, anchoring from Moscow, or interviewing people as they met life’s challenges with grit and grace.

From the start, I was taught to report a news story in a way that you could take it on its merits: my own views were sidelined (and rightly so).

At the same time, I felt some personal encounters begin to surface, after years of simmering away in the background.

I had met my guardian angel at age three.

I have been an egg donor, and while under anesthesia (when the eggs were harvested), I was visited by a warm, soothing grandma figure. She gently assured me that a baby boy was waiting for his new parents; she was right.

And then: I had an OBE (an out-of-body experience) in which I met the soul of a (different) little boy. There was no tunnel of light, nor was I near death. ‘Bobby’ was the son of my childhood friend ‘Jane.’ He was lovingly determined to reach his grieving mother; he said Jane’s deep grief blinded her to the signs he sent. I was no more than a go-between.

I found myself on the Other Side, where I viewed one of his pre-birth Soul Planning sessions. A Soul Plan is a celestial blueprint each of us designs for our upcoming life. I saw Bobby choose his parents, his siblings, and even his birth order. He softly explained why he couldn’t stay (it was nothing Jane had done).

Initially, I wasn’t sure how to process all this, so I did what I’d always done: I wrote. I tend to ‘think through my fingers and scribbled away—at first, my shaky handwriting resembled chicken scratchings as I collected my thoughts and poured out everything I recalled.

Of course, I called Jane and her husband.

But otherwise, I kept silent for years. Why?

My cheeks are burning as I tell you: it was simply ego. The truth was, I would rather you had thought of me as a ‘sensible journalist’ than anything ‘woo’.

I tucked it away, fearful of risking my career. Even though Jane gave me her blessing to write a book, I stalled.

Slowly, I began to share the experience and saw the comfort it brought others. That sparked a shift.

Finally, I sat down to write the book that would become Visit from Heaven. Even so, I tied myself in knots and took a year to muster the courage to use my real name.

That was 2019. News colleagues have mostly been supportive, though a few backed away; they couldn’t reconcile the ‘journalist’ Alicia they knew with the new ‘spiritual’ model (though she had always been there). I have largely stepped away from on-air work and I enjoy showing others how to be their own publicist. When a big news story breaks, I still feel the tug of wanting to ‘run with the herd’, but I cherish my new direction.

Today, I mostly speak about Bobby’s visit, whether to groups or in private sessions. I hold a special space for women who have lost a child (born or unborn). I see them blame themselves and my heart breaks, thinking, if only they knew the magnificence of their souls. These mamas so bravely and selflessly agreed to parent these little ones, who were unsure they would even stay this time around.

Visit from Heaven: A Soul’s Message of Love, Loss & Family is available on Amazon and via

Alicia Young


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Maria Baker

Melbourne-based solopreneur, Maria Baker of Nobody’s Princess snow apparel is answering the demand from women who ski and snowboard, by creating the best fitting snow pants for women, ever.

Melbourne, Victoria: Nobody’s Princess is innovating the women’s snow apparel industry with a new functional design of women’s snow pants. Nobody’s Princess snow pants are specially designed to fit all women’s body shapes and offer a new way for women who ski and snowboard to feel empowered and confident through comfort while on the slopes.

 “Women who participate in the sport are looking for something they can fit their butt and thighs into comfortably,” says Maria Baker, Founder at Nobody’s Princess. “We’ve gone straight to the source to identify the pain points women experience at the snow and addressed each of them to create a pair of pants to suit any body shape and instil confidence in women so they can concentrate on enjoying their time in the snow”.

Being a pear-shaped snowboarder herself, Maria found there was a large gap in the market for appropriately fitting snow pants for women and devised a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo to gauge the interest. The successful results of the campaign indicated she wasn’t alone.

Nobody’s Princess is currently preparing for the second round of crowd-funding, beginning in June.

Maria is aiming to raise $60,000 in pre-sale orders to meet the minimum order quantity to get the product made. If successful, the pants will be available worldwide from August 2021, at $259AUD. For more information on Nobody’s Princess or to Pre-order yours now click here.

About Nobody’s Princess: Maria Baker, 34, was left devastated when her dream job became a reality, then was taken away from her three weeks later due to COVID-19. Now, she is pursuing a new dream to innovate women’s snow pants and provide them with the best fitting snow pants, ever.

Maria was working as a Studio Manager/Senior Designer for a major beauty retailer when she was offered her dream role as a Creative Lead for a buying group in the travel industry. After just three weeks in her new position, COVID-19 hit and she was immediately stood down. Instead of venturing on the three business trips, she was scheduled for, Maria was left to her own accord in a small Melbourne apartment contemplating what her next move was going to be.

Maria Baker wearing the best fitting snow pants, ever.😁

She then made the brave decision to tackle an idea she had been sitting on since 2018, head-on. Maria began to embark on an entrepreneurial journey designing women’s snow pants. With no previous knowledge of the fashion/ textile industry, experience or funding

To date, Nobody’s Princess has raised over $12,000 based on a concept and has sparked the interest of women who  ski and snowboard, globally.

Submitted by: Kiera Elliot-Pickett, on behalf of Maria Baker from Nobody’s Princess.

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Life's one journey

My name is Corinne Wilson, my family is my life and they inspire me daily, my partner sustained a brain injury, we have 4 children, of which 2 of them live with Autism and I have fostered another 2 children.  For years we have been on a search for inclusive services that help children to interact, mostly we have found services and programs that help children with disabilities without being inclusive.

These programs were not fit for us and our needs and I was sure they wouldn’t reach the need of many other families out there raising autistic children, we live and breathe this lifestyle.

After years of searching, we wanted to create a way to help autistic children and their families.

Our goal was to create lifelike inclusive societal environments for them to learn to interact with children that did not face those same additional challenges, so they learn to interact in real-life situations. In return, this also allows the children without these difficulties to interact with autistic children.

life's one journeyWhile embarking on this journey we started commencing with inclusive youth programs, 18+ relationship-building programs and a program for parents of children with challenging behaviours. We also introduced counselling and my business “Life’s one Journey” was born.

Since I’ve built a team of businesses that are helping me to achieve our end vision goal of creating a safe community support centre, where people can go to obtain all their support and their parents or carers can connect with others.  This will be an inclusive environment where scholarships will be offered to ensure unfunded placements are provided for people to attend.

We are currently in the process of launching and I have gained a huge sense of pride in my achievements.  We currently have a Facebook page of which we would love for you to follow and share. Our programs currently run from community centres located around the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

We are also offering support work along with a number of social skill day programs, with now contracting an amazing 4 year qualified Psychology student/Support worker, a counsellor and now looking to bring in volunteers.

Life's one journeyStarting your own side hustle is a huge task, but with the right side hustle that you’re passionate about, it will be more fun than work.

I’ve had many moments of fearing failure and not having the money to start the business, but we have overcome these hurdles through support from other businesses who have generously offered their services and time to assist us to get this off the ground. My partner is extremely supportive and when I’m having a bad day with the business he always reminds me of what an amazing journey we are on and the impact we will have providing quality services to these families in need.

Life's one joourneyThrough our 10 weeks unique program “Youth Steps” we coach the children to manage their emotions, self regulate their own behaviour, engage in safe relationships, set goals in both the real and virtual world, how to manage cyber relationships and online behaviours. Youth steps are one of the only research-based, interactively oriented children’s programs designed to inspire young people of the generation.

Your present circumstances don’t determine where you go; they determine where you start. My favourite quote by “Nido Qubein”.

Kind regards, Corinne Wilson

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Elite Partyz

Elite PartyzMy children showed me the way, I have 3 children under 7 years old, my youngest is now 6 months old and I gave birth to him at age 40.  I had been running my own hairdressing salon for 15 years, but instead of heading for a new fresh hairstyle, I headed for an entirely new career.  Surprisingly it was one involving technology, which I knew nothing about.

I have pushed myself beyond my limits and keep surprising myself with everything I have achieved so far, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Elite Partyz and our team.

I started this new business because I was organising a joint birthday party for my children, and became increasingly overwhelmed and frustrated that important information was stored in a number of different locations; in emails, spreadsheets, notes in my phone and on my laptop.

“There must be an easier way to stay organised for planning a party”, I thought to myself, I spent days searching for ways to make it easier and to see what was out there on the market, I couldn’t find anything. I spent a few nights dreaming and days of brainstorming ways to make this happen and started down the path to creating a way to be organised for events.


Co-Founder Kiera Elliot-Pickett



This is when I came across Kiera Elliot-Pickett who is Co-founder of the Elite Partyz, together we have built an amazing supportive team, they have guided us and helped through the entire build, we planned for the build to take 8 months.  We communicated daily and remained honest and accountable for each other.  We stayed focused, positive and dedicated to making this App that we ended up launching the App early at the 4-month mark, in half the time!  




We are now a team of 5, together we have created an App that makes the life of someone planning an event easier, this App has many benefits for party planners such as it:

  1. Brings suppliers together – Suppliers can set up their business profile complete with their logo, business name, select keywords, link to their website and social media handles, plus images of their products or services in a “purchase now” store and receive payment.
  2. Send out invites to your guests from their contacts.
  3. Receive RSVP’s.
  4. Create a “To Do List”.
  5. Set a budget and list all their sendings.
  6. Create multiple events.Elite Partyz Testimonial
  7. Create a list of your favourite suppliers for future events, and…
  8. Has a live chat function.

Our team is dedicated to making those busy lives easier and organised with one convenient App that’s user friendly.

If you are looking to start up a business I say “Go for It” if I can jump from running a hairdressing salon to running a Party App organisation which are two completely different professions, so can you!

Take that leap, I faced my fear of starting a tech business with no prior experience.  I had no idea how to build an App, how was I going to fix any problems along the way?

I overcame this by asking a lot of people, a lot of questions, which is how I built this amazing team.  I have discovered how resilient I am and how I have learnt to stay calm and focused even in the most difficult and stressful situations.  I have pushed myself beyond what I thought was my limits and am over 100% impressed with everything myself and our team have achieved with Elite Partyz App.

To make things even easier for you we have a number of tutorials for event organisers and suppliers on our website available for you to watch and help get your party started >>

Elite Partyz



Warm Regard,

Melissa Molinaro,

Co-Founder of Elite Partyz

Kareena Preston

The first ten years of my life were like most other kids of the 70’s and 80’s. I grew up on a big ¼ acre block in the suburbs of Perth, with my Mum, Dad, sister, cat, chickens and duck. We had a big lemon tree, a vegetable garden and a swimming pool. The neighbourhood kids were friends and we played tennis on the street and rode our bikes. As long as our mums knew whose house we were at, all was ok.

At age ten, I was diagnosed with Asthma and I spent a good portion of my 6th year of school at home on a nebuliser. It is also when I really began to swim for my health. To this day, you will still find me in and around the water. I love swimming so much I have also been a swim coach for over 30 years.

Life went on and as I grew into my late teenage years I began to look more closely at what I was eating, products I was using and how it affected my health. This was the late 1980’s before it was ever ‘cool’ to be environmentally conscious or aware of the toxicity of commercial products for ourselves and our planet.

I had come across a local Soap Maker operating out of Fremantle. I adored the natural ingredients in her soaps and at every opportunity, I had them well stocked in my bathroom.

I was continuing to battle brittle Asthma, with no relief from the Cortisone medication the doctor continually prescribed. I had adjusted my diet many times. Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free. I had also begun to eliminate almost all chemicals from my home to reduce symptoms.

Fast forward ten years ago and I had more control of my asthma. But the wheel of fate had one last nasty turn in the form of excema. I had never suffered from excema. But when I met my now husband, Alex, I broke out all over my body and to this day, need to carefully manage my food and product exposure (and stressors) to keep it under control.

A few years ago, while continuing my swimming coaching career at a small, local swimming club, I was looking for a hobby to keep me occupied between the early morning starts, the evening coaching shift and the travel demands that came with the job. One day, I came across a Soap Making Kit. I purchased it there and then, thinking that maybe I can make beautiful natural soap so I didn’t have to spend so much money buying soap.

After all, I knew whatever I did, it needed to be kind to my skin and kind to the earth.  I made my first batch of soap over the Easter of 2017.

It turned out better than I expected. From that day, I was hooked. I did every bit of research I could. I decided that I would make soap for my family and friends. BUT, other people wanted to buy my soap and Christmas sales kept me busy, allowing me to buy more equipment and ingredients.

My little business now has a full all natural range of 14 soaps, 4 shampoo bars, lip/beard/belly and nipple balms, shower steamers and many other products as I continue to expand. My niche is teaching and educating on natural additives. This has become my focal point in an industry that promotes pretty-smelling toxic products!

Today, swimming coaching is the hobby and I am happily making soap and other products full time, that are kind to my skin and kind to the earth.

Kinds Regards
Kareen Preston


Melanie Scott K9 Training
Melanie Scott K9 Training

Melanie Scott K9 Training

Hi, I’m Melanie, I started Melanie Scott K9 Training, I’m also the CEO and founder of the Not-for-Profit Foundation, K9’s 4 Valour, 6 years ago when I decided to move forward with a new career path, I made a really big choice of leaving the police force, during this time I found great comfort, joy and love for dogs, I wanted to be able to train dogs my way rather than be confined to a set of training methods, I found even more joy in creating fun ways for training methods, plus with the added bonus of being my own boss, it led to a win-win situation for me, as I also needed to be able to manage my health.   

As a lot of people who go into business have concerns on a number of levels, I did too have my own concerns with my health issues, can I do it with my “chronic pain and PTSD?”, “Can I keep up with daily operations?” I asked myself these questions many times.  I didn’t let those “What if’s” and “Can I?” questions stop me, after all the dogs and their owners need me and I know I have what it takes and the intellect to help them.

So I found ways to overcome these problems by pacing out my workload to lower the risk and limit the pain flaring up, I schedule in for me to take out time for myself so my mind, as well as my body can relax before I begin to feel overwhelmed. 

I teach people how to understand their dog and how to get the best out of their dog regardless of the dog’s breed, age or size.  Dog training is actually also people training, we are the ones who need to learn the skills just as much as the dog does, training people on how to train their dog plays a big part in all of my services.

  • Puppy training
  • Dog behaviour and obedience
  • Assistance and therapy dog training
  • Puppy and dog training on Zoom

You can get the same results training your dog online as you can get from a trainer in person, and also gives me the ability to reach people across the world and outside of my home base in Camberwell, Victoria, also giving you the ability to stay within the comfort of your own home, without worrying about restrictions or having someone having to visit your home, it’s super safe and Covid-19 friendly.

I use my dogs for demonstrations and answer any of my client’s questions during my consult and any of the chosen training services that I provide, what satisfies me the most is seeing a client proud of their dog, seeing that rekindling bond and my clients feeling satisfied and confident in the new training methods they have learnt themselves.  

My love for dogs doesn’t stop there, I have 2, Paddington and Hamish, I also have 2 cats, Clawdia and Macy.  You can donate or buy gifts to support our Not-for-Profit organisation. 

“K9s 4 Valour provides Service Dogs to assist past and present First Responders who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder”.

I hope that one day someone reads my story and is inspired enough to start their own business, one thing I suggest is “research your industry and target market, always be open to learning

Melanie Scott K9 Training

Melanie Scott K9 Training

new skills, ask for help if you need it and GO FOR IT”.

“Learn from the mistakes of others.  You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself ~ Eleanor Roosvelt”.


Yours Kindly ~ Melanie Scott