How to overcome injuries with Julie Metsola

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Julie’s journey started 18 years ago when she was in a serious car accident and hit by a drunk driver. She sustained injuries to her neck, shoulder and upper back, and is lucky to still be here. Her doctor recommended she try Yoga to help heal her injuries, she did and has since practiced yoga for the past 18 years and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Six years ago Julie discovered her passion for training with weights when she went to see a personal trainer to even further her strength and rehabilitation. She found both of these practices helped with her injuries and both came quite easy to her, she then decided to become a qualified PT herself so that she could help other people become fit, strong, healthy and heal their injuries too.

She previously worked as a bookkeeper and after having time off to have a family decided that she didn’t want to return to this career and was going to help people instead. She has now been a fully qualified PT, Group fitness leader, Nutritional Coach and Yoga Instructor since the start of 2018.

Julie juggles her new business around her 2 children and her husbands FIFO work. “It can be hard at times, however I get a lot out of it. It’s very rewarding helping people” Julie said. Her favourite quote is “Small Changes lead to big change” which is exactly what she sees in her clients and is extremely proud of them all.

Julie teaches an over 50’s strength and Eccentric exercise class 3 times a week and has various personal training clients, she instructs occasional yoga classes and gives all her clients nutritional advice.

Julie Metsola – Mojo Fitness & Nutrician

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Louise Winton turned her talent for singing into a career

Not everyone is born with a natural talent for singing, however that’s not at all the case for Louise Winton who has been singing since before she could speak. Her talent is so great that she’s been lucky enough to turn it into a career.

It started when she was just 14 months old and by the time she was four, she would be able to hear a song on TV and then sing it in perfect pitch. That’s the type of skill and talent that most singers dream of but even through hard work may never achieve.

Of course, Louise has had singing lessons to learn how to perfect her craft and studied opera at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Since then she’s gone on to perform the lead role in many shows.

Unlike many of her creative counterparts, Louise often sources her work herself. With a great reputation and has a number of credits, which include singing at major sporting events at Suncorp Stadium, singing with Australian crooner John Farnham and others.

She had the honour of singing at Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday celebrations for the Acting Governor General at the Queensland Club which saw 180 dignitaries in attendance.

Along with these major events, she regularly performs the Australian national anthem for the military, ANZAC, Remembrance and OAM ceremonies.

Her gigs typically have anywhere from 10-500 guests, so she really does appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Her shows include those for children and she performs at weddings, funerals, aged care facilities and house concerts. While many performers want to be the centre of attention, it’s different for Louise. She has a genuine passion for performing and wants to share her gift with as many people as she possibly can, and she is very happy that she can generate an income from doing so.

With many successful performances behind her, she has won awards and recognition for her talent including gaining the position on the Moreton Region Arts Council Honour Board for my compositions “Simpson the Hero” and “Great Grandfather’s Bugle”. The awards were based on songs written for her children’s shows however they have also been performed for returned diggers all over Queensland.

Touring goes with the territory; and she is lucky enough to have a husband who supports her ambition. They are due to go travelling around Australia where she intends to perform at sheep and cattle stations before returning to Brisbane to spend time with her children and grand daughter.

When she isn’t performing in one of her shows, Louise is behind the scenes helping other talented artists perfect their art and has taken on the role of Musical Director for the Mango Hill Christmas Extravaganza 2017 and next year as well, so if you haven’t caught her already, there is still a chance. She has also been booked as Director of Entertainment for Armestis Day Centenary Commemoration 2018.

She has also embraced the digital world so if people can’t see her live, they can still enjoy her performances on YouTube.

Her motto guiding her is “Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle”.

Click here to go through to her account to book a performance. 

How to Self-heal by Gwenda from Shapechanger


At 8 years old Gwenda knew she wanted to be a nurse and had a strong passion to help people be well, then at 16 to begin conquering this quest started studying health while also passing her TEE exams, but she wanted to know more about the indicate workings of the human body, an opportunity to take up the role of scrub nurse in the operating theatre came up, soon enough she worked her way up to the position of senior scrub nurse.

“I reveled in the theatres amazement at the inner workings of the human body and the amazing things it was capable of recovering from.”

Gwenda’s sense of purpose grew when hearing the patient was about to receive the traumatic news that they had a terminal condition and that making memorable moments with loved ones is now a race against time when they woke up from surgery, when they would of been counting on good news. Gwenda didn’t want to leave the patient now having to handle this news on their own, break the news to their families and learn how to manage this condition while fighting depression, anxiety and a world of heartache, she wanted to teach them how this condition came about and how to heal it, she wanted to guide, educate and mentor them to self-heal the damage.

After furthering her knowledge on the human body and mind Gwenda is often contacted by people from around the world and across Australia when the Doctors can’t get them or a family member well. She is called upon to attend the hospitals in Perth to visit the people who are ailing badly, and no treatment is working for them.

“Parents bring their children and babies to me when they have seen no improvement from treatments”.

Doing so gives them hope that they previously didn’t have and helps improve their quality of life.

She also offers regular workshops and one on one programs providing people with the tools and modalities which they can apply to everyday living. Gwenda has also started writing a book and seeks opportunities to speak with associations and clubs, as well as being sought after to attend events she is soon to be speaking in Canada at the Fearless One Woman Summit next April. (2018).

“I have dedicated my life to help people be well and happy, this is my greatest love and life’s work, born with the gifts of an authentic shaman, healer and waymaker.”

Workshops and programs run by Gwenda from Shapechanger:

● Healthy gut healthy life
● How to become the creative designer of your life.
● Reclaim your life
● Feed your gut nourish your soul
● How to manifest the love of your life
● Fit for living well for life
● Who am I

You can visit her website for more info or to book one of her workshops.

Gifts made easy by Anna Heyligers at Gladys Mack


Anna Heyligers is one of many women in Australia who has decided that the life of 9-5 working for someone else isn’t what she wants. As a result, she joined the online world and set up a business called Gladys Mack which creates and distributes gift boxes online. There are gift boxes for both men and women, so no matter what the occasion, Gladys Mack can cater for you. The idea is that the gifts will brighten up the day of the recipient and that the giver will feel satisfaction from bringing joy into someone else’s life. The gifts can either be given to people you know such as friends, or family members, or even colleagues and businesses to say thank you for the service you’ve received.

So where is Gladys Mack based? The packing centre is in Wollongong of New South Wales and people are free to visit. All visits are available from Thursday – Saturday or must be arranged by appointment however delivery is available at all other times.

There are gifts for special occasions such as Father’s Day or Baby Showers as well and they can be handpicked based on the recipient’s preferences, so it’s possible that no two gift boxes will be the same, which makes the gifts even more special than if they were mass produced. When you give the gift it will really resonate with the recipient and will be more meaningful. For those who just want a quick decision, there are some ready made gift boxes available as well.

You may be wondering why someone would start a gift box business, well for Anna it was really quite simple. She had been working in Insurance and needed a change, she saw a gap in the market of gifting. That’s where the idea was born. She wanted to fill that void and give consumers what they were missing. Basically, everything seemed to lack soul and wasn’t personalised. It’s been very important for Anna that everything has the end customer in mind and that it’s unique.

Given she was a partner in an Insurance firm prior to setting up the business, she had a strong network of acquaintances, colleagues, friends and clients. It was through that network that she was able to grow the business and reach out to people who may benefit from buying one of the gift boxes.

Since then, the business has taken on a new direction and she now allows people to come to the studio in Wollongong. She’s also liaising with retailers and holding various workshops to get the message out there and build the customer base. Of course, there’s a website as well so people can find the business if they search for it, but like all small businesses, it has started at a local level and seems to have grown organically from there.

Anna says that although it’s important to have a plan in business, the fact of the matter is that you can’t plan in advance because things are constantly changing and she says that even a short term weekly or monthly plan is essential to help you maintain your focus.


Click here to view Gladys Mack contact page.

How to manage time more effectively with Barbara Clifford


If you’re looking for a personal coach then look no further than Barbara Clifford who runs The Time Tamer, a business that specialises in personal and business development and coaching.

The business was started by Barbara Clifford after 20 years of working behind the scenes in the media industry. She’d reached a point of self reflection where she was assessing what was most important to her in life and what was most valuable to her. As with most people who have children, Barbara realised it was her kids that were most important and that she wanted to spend more time with them than what she had been doing. She turned inward and assessed what had motivated her to join the film industry in the first place and discovered that it was her insecurities and a need for validation. After a period of introspection Barbara suddenly reached a turning point in her life where that was no longer important to her.

She looked towards MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) as she is driven by freedom, success and independence. She found herself restricted by MLMs as they had certain procedures and practices in place which didn’t allow her to foster her true desires and ambitions.

Over time, the itch Barbara had to leave the film industry and take control of her own life started to take hold and that’s when she found herself with an opportunity to start her own business. She had been working with an entrepreneur for seven years while she was still involved with an MLM and they provided her with advice that she needed but had been too terrified to ask for. It was at this moment that she learned you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for things and that the moment you do, your life will change for the better.

Her business specialises in a few key areas, some of which you may say are inspired by her own struggles with time management and being trapped in the corporate world. It could be professional development that you need, or you may want help with stress management. Barbara has developed services based on the needs of individuals. They are offered separately.

Stress management is designed to help you understand what your stress levels are and then from there you can deal with them and live a life with less stress.

Time management is another service that is offered, with Barbara helping clients manage time more effectively.

It’s not all serious though. She’s added a fun quiz on her website so you can get an idea of your stress levels. If you’re still unsure and would like the advice of a professional you can make an appointment to start the process of stress management. Each session typically runs for 45 minutes and for your convenience, can be done via Skype.

Those in business will know that productivity is essential to high performance, and that’s where Barbara’s Professional Development training can come in handy. This training can either be done online or in the workforce. By training all your staff in productivity and time management, you ensure consistency in your business.

She has established a strong reputation and regularly features in the media and has also spoken at various events.

With Barbara helping you out, you are sure to find yourself more productive, less stressed out and managing your time more effectively.

Love for Photography by Sharon from ShaBo Studio


Photographs capture a moment in time, a memory to treasure for generations to come. Photographs are all we have left to remind us of the one we love who sadly is no longer here or that perfect summer holiday at the beach, a first birthday, the first day at school, the last day at school, a wedding, a baby, photographs are a heirloom to be treasured for a lifetime.

Sharon has always had a love for photography and the arts; studying photography in high school and later continuing to ignite that same passion, Sharon went on to complete a diploma in photography. Photography served as a creative outlet for Sharon, giving her a much needed distraction from the hectic corporate life.

Sharon from ShaBo Studio

After relocating to Melbourne, Sharon decided it was time to invest in her future with something that evoked her passion and chose to transform her hobby into a new career. Sharon invested in herself and in her business, participating in several one to one and group workshops in person that were specific to the genre that Sharon chose to base her business on.

The transition from the corporate world to self employment was, as is with all things worth while, not easy but with the determination and skill set, Sharon was able to successfully make this transition.

Returning to Perth was a family decision and one that was very welcome. Relocating a business interstate can be challenging but has proven to be quite rewarding for Sharon as she has rebuilt her business and welcomed her new clients.

Sharon has since engaged with a photography specific mentor to further her business skill set as well as her photography skill set, to ensure that she takes her business to the next level.

Sharon’s purpose and ethos at ShaBo STUDIO is to ensure that each client feels beautiful, feels special, feels seen. Sharon believes that there is so much more to having your portrait taken than simply having someone click a button; Sharon says it is about having amazing lighting, about being gently guided with articulated posing to flatter each clients unique body shape, it is about reconnecting with yourself and loving the person that you are right now. ShaBo STUDIO specialises in posing and photographing women (and men!) at all stages of life, be it maternity, with your newborn or simply an intimate photo shoot all about you.

“Pursue your dreams. Be passionate for the career you choose, you can do anything that you set your mind to and most importantly, believe in yourself!  It takes time to do great things, it takes determination, it takes courage, believe in yourself and you will achieve everything you want to.”  

Click here to view ShaBo Sudios contact details page.


Bespoke Media Service – Gemma Westacott

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Gemma radiates positivity, and turning negatives into positives is part of the everyday philosophy of this highly motivated media professional operating from the Sunshine Coast.

When her first child was born very prematurely, Gemma was prompted to make a seachange in her life in order to be closer to family support, but soon found this had an effect on her career trajectory.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney, after a ten year stint working for acclaimed media organisations in London, she found it tricky to move into more senior roles which reflected and utilised the depth of experience she had gained, and felt stuck in the less challenging roles she had been offered. With fewer senior media jobs available thanks to the smaller local industry, she re-evaluated her career and began freelancing on the side.

“I started working for different media and corporate clients running their social media, writing blogs, press releases, marketing material, ghost writing LinkedIn articles…it was a way to stay challenged and keep growing my skills, especially with the way social media has been so rapidly evolving.”

And it was soon clear to Gemma she had found her niche: running a bespoke media services company.

“If it relates to the media, communications or marketing, I’m here to help. I offer clients a service tailored to their business needs, whether that be pure content creation, such as writing press releases or articles for their websites or LinkedIn etc, all the way through to driving the growth of their social media platforms, or creating and managing a complete media strategy for their business.”

The diversity of working for different clients appeals to Gemma: “Every day brings something new and interesting to work on, and that’s probably the reason I decided to set up my business full-time. I thrive on being given a challenge or target, and on achieving top results for my clients.”

A journalist by trade, Gemma has 20 years of media experience under her belt. She has worked on newspapers, magazines, radio and online. This includes her decade in London writing for business publications, including as an editor of a personal finance website with the Financial Times. The proudest moments in her career so far have included becoming an editor of, which is within the Financial Times group of publications.

“This was a big moment for me, especially as I was relatively young at the time. At FTAdviser we introduced a range of really innovative products and aspects to the website and went on to win an international TABBIE award and to also be named the Best Personal Finance Website (Trade) in the UK.”

Another “pretty special achievement” was seeing the podcast she oversaw for The Lawyer magazine rise up into the Top 10 Business Podcasts on iTunes in the UK.

But moving away from large media organisations to freelance work made Gemma realise that being self-employed in a boutique media business was actually the ideal choice for her.

“After years working on the ‘other side’ as a journalist, I realised that I had the perfect skill set to help people better communicate with their clients and really ‘sell’ themselves or their business in a more relatable way. Because of my background, I tend to look at things more from the end-user’s viewpoint than just as a traditional marketing spiel – how can we truly engage people, create a strong ‘tribe’, and ensue our message resonates and stays with them. Media management and copywriting really is an art form, as it’s fundamentally about persuading someone to act. You need to have a really clear understanding of how words can impact another person’s emotions and actions, and knowing how to achieve that is a real skill.”

Being able to work virtually has been a liberating experience:

I love that there’s the potential these days to collaborate with someone on the opposite side of the globe just as easily as you could with someone sat next to you. Video calls have really transformed the business world because you can still get that personal interaction from seeing each other’s faces, but now you have access to specialists in any field all around the world. I love that I get to share my expertise with businesses that are based all around the country and internationally, and it really is as easy as a few clicks of my mouse.”

Are online support networks important in the virtual knowledge economy?

“Definitely, it takes great skill to know when it’s best to outsource a task. The most savvy businesspeople know their strengths and play to those, while at the same time surrounding themselves with other highly skilled and intelligent people who can assist in other areas. Having a ‘sounding board’ can also help to ground you and keep you on target.”

For Gemma, self-employment has also meant achieving other dreams—like really living the seachange—is possible:

“My husband and I are also in the process of developing our own lifestyle and travel blog, which is something we’ve talked about for many years but are now taking the leap into. We were lucky enough to travel extensively pre-kids and that longing for wanderlust remains, so we want to tap into that within our own little slice of the world on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.”

Ask Gemma what her goals for her business are and she says, “To make a difference in the lives of my clients. It gives you such a fantastic buzz when you see how you’ve helped a client grow their business and achieve success.”

“The fear of losing my daughter really shook me and my priorities up,” says Gemma. “It’s a cliché, but having children changed my life. I think I’m a better writer and editor since having my children, as I think I’m more sensitive and mature in my approach to issues these days. It’s easy as a journalist to get caught up in the whirlwind of getting the ‘scoop’, but since having kids I am more aware of when it’s best to tread a little more softly.”

You can find Gemma’s Fembuiz profile here.                          Written by Gianna Huesch.

Whatever you do in life, always give 100%.”

Model Ellie Jeffrey and her love for the outdoors

The life of a beautiful model, on the cover of magazines and displayed on billboards may not seem like the type of article you’d expect to find on Fembuiz. Ellie Jeffrey, is defying the stereotype of models and breaking boundaries for beautiful young women, working towards their goals.

Ellie has been a part time model since high school, totalling up five years in the business. To an outsider looking in, she is young, talented, beautiful and oh so lucky. However, modelling is not all that Ellie does with her time. She is undergoing an Outdoor Recreational Instructor trainee-ship, and channelling her love of the outdoors, exercise and engaging with kids, in order to gain rewarding work in her future.


Despite being a very successful model. for an Australian woman turning just twenty one this year, Ellie never dreamed she would enter the world of fashion at all. She excelled naturally in dance and arts as a child, and describes her transition into modelling as having ‘fallen into it’. Ellie’s success proves that it’s not how you come by opportunity that defines your success, it’s what you make of the opportunities that come your way.

Her success as a model, has allowed her to pursue the vital education in Outdoor Recreational work she needs, with a job that does more than keep her stable, it makes her happy. This is an important message for all girls out there, do what makes you happy and do it while you are young enough, to take the risk that it won’t work out. One day you’ll have university debts, possible house loans and maybe kids that will rely on you having a steady pay cheque. The time to take risks and move towards your dream is now.

There is an obvious stereotype that models have too higher opinions of themselves and that they are high maintenance but Ellie Jeffrey definitely proves that stigma wrong. She is confident in her abilities too be sure, but she has every right to be. Modelling is a tough world to be apart of, there is a lot of competition and pressure associated with the job but Ellie stays strong by focusing on her work. For those out there, thinking of following in the footsteps of Ellie Jeffrey, she wants to advise you not to take everyone’s opinions on board. It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, something Ellie is only just now starting to realise. There is an expectation sometimes, for models to look a certain way, but staying true to yourself is much more important than anyone else’s standards. For a young woman, so successful in a pressure filled field, Ellie handles herself extremely well. She is an inspiration, with wise beyond her years words and a self confidence that leaves room for further improvement.
Whether as a model, an outdoor recreation instructor, or just as a woman – Ellie Jeffrey should be on your “One to Watch” list. There will be great things coming from her in the years to come, and you won’t want to miss a moment of it.

Written By Gitta Hodgetts

If you would like to get in contact with Ellie or her modelling agency follow this link to her Fembuiz Business Profile.

Fembuiz Directory is look for all females that mean business to list, you too can create a business profile.


Susan Wight and her home schooling experience


Susan Wight. A woman who has been described before, as a house wife. The term is a mockery to the sheer amount of work Sue puts in to making the world a better place. She is living proof, that no matter who the bread winner in the family is – every woman can be as inspiring, and successful as they choose.

Before marriage, and the arrival of her three incredible sons, Sue worked in a publishing house, and for a short time, in a bank. Her journey started when her sons reached primary school, and school problems and bad behaviour, spilled into the family dynamic. Sue talks about this time, saying something ‘drastic’ had to be done.

If something’s not right you can put up with it, you can whinge, or you can try to change it. I’m a ‘try and change it’ kind of person.”

After making a lot of enquires, Sue and her husband made the joint decision to take a leap, and make a bet on home schooling. The first few months were tough. Horrible behaviour Sue had been used to dealing with after school, became a round the clock occurrence. With a little bit of patience, and a lot of love – Sue made it through. She admits to making a lot of mistakes in the beginning, after all – who doesn’t at the start of their journey? Soon enough though, her family began to re-appreciate life and the joy that can be found in learning. Her son’s all grew up to be intelligent, mindful, independent thinking people. They are a tribute to the hard work she, and her husband, put in.

The struggles Sue faced did not begin and end in teaching her children. She began to find, there was stigma associated with her and her way of life. Almost instantly, everyone she knew and didn’t really know at all, had an opinion on the way she was raising her children. They didn’t mind sharing it either. Initially Sue was quite defensive, but over time she learnt to accept the difference of opinion and developed a resilience to their words, that stopped them derailing her progress. Perhaps the strangest assumption that followed her around, upon taking her children out of school, was the Sue herself – must be unintelligent.

When answering the ‘What do you do?” question at my husband’s work events, I saw people’s eyes glaze over; they looked over the top of my head for someone more important to network with. Sometimes that was funny, sometimes not so funny.”

Sue’s work with home education, goes far beyond the efforts she made to teach her own children. Sue began volunteering at a phone line, where she responded to home education ‘newbies’ calls and helped them to understand the options they had. She soon became the coordinator of the home education magazine, a position she has held for ten years. In fact she still holds it today, even though all her children are grown up and at university or with full time jobs. That kind of commitment, and input to a cause is an attribute in Sue that should be admired, not down played as being a ‘house wife’. If all that wasn’t enough, she is a major player in the movement to challenge the government, who are now trying to change the laws around home education. Sue recently spent more than a couple of days at Parliament, lobbying politicians for their support of people’s right to decide how and under what circumstances their children are raised.

If being a house wife, reliant on their husbands pay cheque has as much of an impact on the world as Susan Wight, women everywhere should be embracing that term as a badge of honour. This writer for one, would be proud to wear any label that put her in the same category as a pioneer of home education and meaningful change, like Susan Wight.

If you would like to contact Susan on any home schooling please contact Susan at