Work from home

It’s amazing how quickly everything can change, suddenly we can’t go outside unless absolutely necessary.  People are turning to alternatives and need to work from home or home school their children for possibly the next 6months.

Jobs are lost!
Money has become more stressful than ever!
How will same pay their rent or mortgages, or even staff wages if there is no income coming?

What if you suddenly now need to create a business working from home and you can’t get anyone to create a website for you because they are busy right now or you’re simple not sure how to do it, or don’t have the funds?

Fembuiz Offers a quick alternative to help create awareness for your business or online services, for example Vicki at Happy Feet is helping entertain children from home by providing them with a dance class, sending out a new class every week via email, this is something you can replay for them every day that week at minimal cost.


Vicki from Happy feet


What services could you be providing from home?

We would love to see what you are doing and to hear about ways to help the economy during this Pandemic.

You can have your online service or home business listed online with us within the hour by just clicking here and following the prompts.


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