How to Kick Ass when Meeting with a Potential Client

It can be not only exciting but also incredibly nerve-wracking when meeting with a potential client for the first time. Here are some handy tips to make sure that you completely kick ass.

Be on time – whether it’s at your office or theirs or a public location – arrive with time to spare and have everything cleared away before they arrive. It says a lot about your character. Being late or in a state of disarray is a big no-no.

Everything from clothes to make-up to popping a mint in before you meet them will help to convey an air of confidence and that you are the right person for the job. So be sure to wear smart, pressed clothes and spend some time on your hair and makeup to achieve a professional, well-presented look that will impress your potential client even before you’ve said one word.

You will be judged in the first few moments on your appearance, professionalism and trustworthiness – so introduce yourself with a firm handshake and an air of confidence and calm.

Put your phone out of sight – they will appreciate that they have your full attention and won’t be distracted by rings, dings, buzzes and notifications. You may even want to switch it off before putting it away.

Keep your introduction and the first few minutes of the conversation light-hearted, without complaining about the traffic or how bad the weather is. Portray positivity during these crucial few moments – no-one likes a whinger.

Preparation is key so research them and their business thoroughly in advance of the meeting and incorporate something you’ve learned about them into the conversation. This will impress the potential client and show that you are serious about wanting to work with them.

Have an agenda so that the meeting stays on track and on point. This will also serve as a useful reminder of things to discuss, as it’s easy to forget crucial information during your first meeting due to possible nerves.

Establish and maintain eye contact throughout the meeting. There may be other things going on around you but it’s important to make them feel like they are the centre of your world throughout the meeting.

Take notes – not only will this help you to focus, but it also shows your intent to take them seriously. Plus, it’s easy to forget something crucial if you don’t write it down then and there. It doesn’t’ look good if you have to ask them a few days later to clarify an important point.

Don’t interrupt – listen, listen, listen. Listening is one of the hardest skills to master and when a client can see that you are truly listening, it gives them faith and confidence. Nod and smile when they are explaining something to you to show that you are listening and taking it all in. And try not to interrupt them or talk over them.

Use phrases and words used by them to ask follow-up questions – this helps to establish a connection and can have a very calming effect.

Manage their expectations and show a willingness to work with them. Don’t oversell as this may lead to stress or disappointment further down the line.

Don’t let the meeting drag on so when you feel like you are approaching a natural conclusion to the meeting, ask if they have any final queries, then explain next steps and your plan of action confidently and concisely.

Last but definitely not least, have belief in yourself and make sure this comes across in a way that establishes trust and your ability to get the job done properly and professionally. Don’t doubt yourself or let your nerves show. Instead, act as if you have already landed the job and that this is merely a meeting to go through the main points of working together.

We hope you find these tools helpful and wish you many successful first meetings that lead to many new clients.



Ever since starting my website I’ve come across an endless list of Women’s business communities from all over the world, many in Australia too, Business Chicks, Inspired Women with Renee Kacz, Female Boss Co, Fusion Biz Babes, even a radio station called Boss Mode Radio, which is streamable off their website and saved to my bookmarks, just to list a few. (I will conduct another list and blog soon for women in Australia) It’s been great to see so much support out there for women, a lot of these are run by business coaches, marketing strategists, cafe owners, health gurus and of course event planners.


This recently got me thinking, mainly because I have received some complaints saying that Fembuiz is “Sexest”, why can’t men advertise in your directory? There’s nothing like this out there for them! And because of this there is no way they would list on my site.

BUT, That’s just SOME people’s perspective.  A community is a group of like-minded people who help and inspire each other in becoming who they want to be.  

Men’s business groups, women’s business groups, men and women’s business groups, there’s even mums groups, they all have their own unique vibes to them, events of different styles and targets their trying to achieve.  They are not sexist, they are simply a Niche, a target audience, they all deserve and need to be there, this country needs small business, networks and communities within our community in which we can gain confidence and trust to build business.

So, what did I do? Of course I turned to a Google search looking for directories and networking groups for men, also making a few posts on Facebook, I compiled a list to share it with you.


There are many communities out there for men, it just takes a bit of searching:

Mamamia – Article – Man’s Business group.

Men’s Altitude Network

Christian Business Networking

Cub – Club of United Businesses

Secret Men’s business

Kyneton Men’s Shed

Men Supporting Men Inc

Winchelsea Men’s Shed


Men’s Business Networking – Facebook group

If you know of a Men’s Networking Group or Men’s Business Directory that isn’t in here but you think it should be, please post a link in the comments below and tell us about it.

There is no reason out there for anyone to be feeling alone and stuck with business, all you have to do is reach out.

Plus, our Directory listings are public, allowing men and women to find services across Australia.

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What did she just say? This is exactly what your customers are going to say if you don’t know how to turn on your dynamic energy. It allows us to be interesting, engaging, confident and shows your personality. Sometimes life can be stressful and it’s hard to let this show, it can be hard to engage with people and energy levels drop, your business then follows and takes a nose-dive and all your confidence gets sucked right out.

People mirror image each other

Ever been in a class room listening to a lecturer and they’re so monotoned that you zone out? That’s because there was no dynamic magic and this is exactly what we need with our customers or audience and we must learn tricks on how to switch the on.

It’s not just what your saying that counts, it has a lot more to do with your facial expressions and body language.

Body language counts for 55% of your interaction, 38% is your tone of voice, which leaves 7% to your words, YES! Only 7 percent!

(Research of Dr Albert Mehrabian – Professor of Psychology)

So it’s time to get rid of the nervous tension, Stop being self-conscious, using a monotone and acting dull because customers will not stick around, if your  enthusiastic and your business or product their much more inclined to follow.

It’s time to show your dynamic energy, so:
– Raise your volume up a notch
– Emphasis on certain words and slow down
– Use your facial expressions
– Use your hands
– Stop hiding behind the desk, podium or the folder your holding 
– Take your hands out of your pockets
– Pause for a moment, (pause) don’t try to say everything at once

Low dynamic energy makes you feel less powerful, switch this on and be pleased to be there, be relaxed, calm, authoritative and confident, bring out that personality of yours, don’t hide it away, bringing it out, it makes life more interesting. This will start coming effortlessly the more you practise.

The next time your feeling flat and need to bring back that bounce think about the last time you had a party in hostess mode or about a first date you went on, you instantly have more energy and vibrancy, you are hyper aware of how irresistible, attractive and witty you appear.

You deserve to feel like this all the time, look at the work you have put into your career.

So this week in every engagement you have with people let’s bring your body language into action, even if it’s just when talking to your parents or family. The week after let’s also bring in emphasising on words. The following week bring in another addition and practise until it comes naturally.

Then everyone hears what your saying and hopefully your customers come running back for more and your family will be saying look how far she has come.