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Networking event

Networking event

The business world out there is huge and all so scary when you startup, this is why we need to collaborate and connect with other businesses, online and offline, you may think your business doesn’t need to but really we all do.  Surround yourself with link-minded people, we all need that support and you never know what you might learn from someone else along the way.

This is why there are networking groups out there, and there are more of them out there then you know, when you join these networks you want to be going in with some form of a goal in mind, and not just the goal of “I want to tell everyone about my business” you really want to connect with other businesses after the event and remember they are there for the same reason as you “to create awareness” or some are even there to “build confidence talking about their business” go beyond the event, contact someone after the networking event to make a further connection, there’s more than one way of doing this, either by making a B2B deal, leaving a review on one of their platforms or sharing their business link on your own business page, this is why we at Fembuiz Directory publish guest blogs because it’s another way of connecting and collaborating with other businesses, here’s a further insight into connecting with other businesses:

  1. Collaborate with other businesses in any way that you can, for example, do a monthly deal, if someone buys from either one of your businesses in the month of “October” for example, they also get a 10% discount voucher for the other business or a free first consultation.  This is when you want to connect with other businesses that complement yours.
  2. Engage in their social media posts, blogs, etc.  When you find other businesses to connect with that complement each other make sure you are engaging in their posts.  We can’t connect with every business out there but if you picked a handful every now and then to really engage with and ask them to engage with your business in return.
  3. Sharing their business in groups you’re part of on social media.  There are so many groups on social media now it’s impossible to be part of them all, so ones that you are a part of and think they may be beneficial to your friend or collaboration partner, create a post and mention that you are sharing for a friend or post “this is a great business” (don’t forget their business link), you never know who might be looking for a service like that at the moment.
  4. Give honest feedback and spread positive words. Compliment and encourage them publicly and raise positive criticism for areas of improvement with them privately, leave them a positive review on any platform they have, or word of mouth is the best form of advertising any business can get. When you leave a review on Facebook it shows on your own profile showing that you engage with other businesses.
  5. Don’t expect friends to work for free, even with a collaboration. Make sure you are both receiving something and both benefiting from it, everyone needs to be taking something home. We all have bills, time, and overhead expenses to cover.

After all, you want to get the full value out of that time and money spent of attending a networking event.


Collaborate – Find ONE person to connect with after the event.

And one tip for yourself:

Carry a notebook everywhere you go.  You never know when something you see when you’re out and about could inspire you, how many times have you thought of something or bumped into someone and thought that was a really good idea, or I have to get back to a certain person and then something happens and that thought was lost? 

I love having a notebook with me, so if I’m ever waiting at the doctor’s or I have some downtime, I can sit there and make some notes, see how many bullet points you can write down for your business ideas or social media posts before you’re called in to see the doctor or have to get off the train, it’s like a mini-challenge.



Some examples of businesses that complement each other:

  • Personal trainer > Fitness clothing
  • Catering company > Mobile bartenders
  • Wedding venue > Florist
  • Cake Maker > Balloon artist
  • Facial skin products > Masseuse

A business that does not offer the same service or products as yours but one that may be of use to your customer.

Rebecca Bennett

Rebecca Bennett
Founder of Fembuiz Directory