Pink Australia

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The Pink Australia, you may have spotted this on the back of a car, in a Facebook advert or even in Instagram, but what does it actually mean?

The shape of the logo is obviously one of the greatest continents on our planet!

Well, I think it is anyway,  I was born and raised here and almost been to every state, still to visit Northern Territory and see Darwin, Kimberley’s and Uluru, it is most defiantly in my near future travel plans.  

This country is also known as “The Land Down Under” because of it’s position in the Southern Hemisphere, we are considered upside down to most other continents, and, our toilet water apparently flushes the opposite direction. This country is also know as “The Lucky Country” even thought this was originally used negatively by Donald Horne in his book from 1964 called, funny enough, The lucky Country.

“Australia is a lucky country run mainly by second rate people who share its luck. It lives on other people’s ideas, and, although its ordinary people are adaptable, most of its leaders (in all fields) so lack curiosity about the events that surround them that they are often taken by surprise. by Donald Horne.”

Among other things this comment has also been used in reference to Australia’s natural resources, weather, history, its early dependency of the British system, distance from problems elsewhere in the world, and other sorts of supposed prosperity.  This beautiful country that I Love, Live and Breathe, where my family chose to reside, full of great camping spots, is, my island home, so we have many great beaches too.  A place where many come to live, so why wouldn’t I want to help the girls of my country.

“Pink encourages action and confidence.”

Why Pink? These days it very much symbolises women, helps recognise a community, and, also brings on many physical affects, such as; stimulates energy, increases the blood pressure, respiration, heartbeat, and pulse rate.  Pink is the color of happiness and is sometimes seen as lighthearted. For women who are often overworked and overburdened, an attraction to pink may speak of a desire for the more carefree days of childhood.


Did you know that pink was originally worn by boys and blue for girls? but that changed around the 1940’s. Why? Watch this video by Origin of Everything  and this video by Vox – How did Pink become a girly colour?  Because Entrepreneurs are anything but traditional.  Amazing how much history a colour can have behind it.


The Stars, Being the Southern Cross, which is found on the Australian flag, which came from a constellation in the night sky, located in the Southern Hemisphere known as Crux.

Which travellers have also used to Navigate.  These stars are very popular and respected amongst Australian’s, you will often see many Aussies with Tattoos (I guess so we can always find our way home if ever lost, Haha) and on car windows with stickers of this constellation.  Fembuiz Directory also uses it to represent women networking across Australia with each star respresenting a women in business.

Females that mean Business.  

Females + Business = Fembuiz.

By: Rebecca Bennett – Founder of Fembuiz Directory.



Office in a box, what’s in the box?

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This is a giveaway I do at our social business networking events valued at $65.00 I call it “Office in a box”, so what’s in the box?

-Hard plastic box, pink, blue or white/clear
-Journal A5 WTV
-Notebook softcover A5
-Notebook hardcover A5
-Index book A5
-Pink highlighter
-Fembuiz pens
-Freelancer at work vinyl sticker
-A4 display book with presentation inside.

and I’ve sometimes added more items like a stapler and hole punch because I love creating and giving away gifts.

Working FIFO and running a website business while trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle is hectic, especially when I struggle to get reception or can’t have my phone with me, I fly home and I have what feels like a never ending list of things I have to get done before flying back to work, so how do I manage?

The above office in a box comes with a presentation I have put together on different ways I use the items listed above to help me, no I don’t use the index book to keep track of phone numbers, I have a phone for that, but to find out how these items can help you run or get started on your own business, get organised or to keep you inspired, otherwise we could be going around and around on a playground like chimpanzees not knowing what to do next.


Having a casual lunch with one of the members, Nicola from The Pink Book Club.


You can find our events on the events page as well as events created by our members.  

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Hope to see you at the next event.



How to manage time more effectively with Barbara Clifford


If you’re looking for a personal coach then look no further than Barbara Clifford who runs The Time Tamer, a business that specialises in personal and business development and coaching.

The business was started by Barbara Clifford after 20 years of working behind the scenes in the media industry. She’d reached a point of self reflection where she was assessing what was most important to her in life and what was most valuable to her. As with most people who have children, Barbara realised it was her kids that were most important and that she wanted to spend more time with them than what she had been doing. She turned inward and assessed what had motivated her to join the film industry in the first place and discovered that it was her insecurities and a need for validation. After a period of introspection Barbara suddenly reached a turning point in her life where that was no longer important to her.

She looked towards MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) as she is driven by freedom, success and independence. She found herself restricted by MLMs as they had certain procedures and practices in place which didn’t allow her to foster her true desires and ambitions.

Over time, the itch Barbara had to leave the film industry and take control of her own life started to take hold and that’s when she found herself with an opportunity to start her own business. She had been working with an entrepreneur for seven years while she was still involved with an MLM and they provided her with advice that she needed but had been too terrified to ask for. It was at this moment that she learned you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for things and that the moment you do, your life will change for the better.

Her business specialises in a few key areas, some of which you may say are inspired by her own struggles with time management and being trapped in the corporate world. It could be professional development that you need, or you may want help with stress management. Barbara has developed services based on the needs of individuals. They are offered separately.

Stress management is designed to help you understand what your stress levels are and then from there you can deal with them and live a life with less stress.

Time management is another service that is offered, with Barbara helping clients manage time more effectively.

It’s not all serious though. She’s added a fun quiz on her website so you can get an idea of your stress levels. If you’re still unsure and would like the advice of a professional you can make an appointment to start the process of stress management. Each session typically runs for 45 minutes and for your convenience, can be done via Skype.

Those in business will know that productivity is essential to high performance, and that’s where Barbara’s Professional Development training can come in handy. This training can either be done online or in the workforce. By training all your staff in productivity and time management, you ensure consistency in your business.

She has established a strong reputation and regularly features in the media and has also spoken at various events.

With Barbara helping you out, you are sure to find yourself more productive, less stressed out and managing your time more effectively.

Bespoke Media Service – Gemma Westacott

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Gemma radiates positivity, and turning negatives into positives is part of the everyday philosophy of this highly motivated media professional operating from the Sunshine Coast.

When her first child was born very prematurely, Gemma was prompted to make a seachange in her life in order to be closer to family support, but soon found this had an effect on her career trajectory.

Moving to the Sunshine Coast from Sydney, after a ten year stint working for acclaimed media organisations in London, she found it tricky to move into more senior roles which reflected and utilised the depth of experience she had gained, and felt stuck in the less challenging roles she had been offered. With fewer senior media jobs available thanks to the smaller local industry, she re-evaluated her career and began freelancing on the side.

“I started working for different media and corporate clients running their social media, writing blogs, press releases, marketing material, ghost writing LinkedIn articles…it was a way to stay challenged and keep growing my skills, especially with the way social media has been so rapidly evolving.”

And it was soon clear to Gemma she had found her niche: running a bespoke media services company.

“If it relates to the media, communications or marketing, I’m here to help. I offer clients a service tailored to their business needs, whether that be pure content creation, such as writing press releases or articles for their websites or LinkedIn etc, all the way through to driving the growth of their social media platforms, or creating and managing a complete media strategy for their business.”

The diversity of working for different clients appeals to Gemma: “Every day brings something new and interesting to work on, and that’s probably the reason I decided to set up my business full-time. I thrive on being given a challenge or target, and on achieving top results for my clients.”

A journalist by trade, Gemma has 20 years of media experience under her belt. She has worked on newspapers, magazines, radio and online. This includes her decade in London writing for business publications, including as an editor of a personal finance website with the Financial Times. The proudest moments in her career so far have included becoming an editor of, which is within the Financial Times group of publications.

“This was a big moment for me, especially as I was relatively young at the time. At FTAdviser we introduced a range of really innovative products and aspects to the website and went on to win an international TABBIE award and to also be named the Best Personal Finance Website (Trade) in the UK.”

Another “pretty special achievement” was seeing the podcast she oversaw for The Lawyer magazine rise up into the Top 10 Business Podcasts on iTunes in the UK.

But moving away from large media organisations to freelance work made Gemma realise that being self-employed in a boutique media business was actually the ideal choice for her.

“After years working on the ‘other side’ as a journalist, I realised that I had the perfect skill set to help people better communicate with their clients and really ‘sell’ themselves or their business in a more relatable way. Because of my background, I tend to look at things more from the end-user’s viewpoint than just as a traditional marketing spiel – how can we truly engage people, create a strong ‘tribe’, and ensue our message resonates and stays with them. Media management and copywriting really is an art form, as it’s fundamentally about persuading someone to act. You need to have a really clear understanding of how words can impact another person’s emotions and actions, and knowing how to achieve that is a real skill.”

Being able to work virtually has been a liberating experience:

I love that there’s the potential these days to collaborate with someone on the opposite side of the globe just as easily as you could with someone sat next to you. Video calls have really transformed the business world because you can still get that personal interaction from seeing each other’s faces, but now you have access to specialists in any field all around the world. I love that I get to share my expertise with businesses that are based all around the country and internationally, and it really is as easy as a few clicks of my mouse.”

Are online support networks important in the virtual knowledge economy?

“Definitely, it takes great skill to know when it’s best to outsource a task. The most savvy businesspeople know their strengths and play to those, while at the same time surrounding themselves with other highly skilled and intelligent people who can assist in other areas. Having a ‘sounding board’ can also help to ground you and keep you on target.”

For Gemma, self-employment has also meant achieving other dreams—like really living the seachange—is possible:

“My husband and I are also in the process of developing our own lifestyle and travel blog, which is something we’ve talked about for many years but are now taking the leap into. We were lucky enough to travel extensively pre-kids and that longing for wanderlust remains, so we want to tap into that within our own little slice of the world on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.”

Ask Gemma what her goals for her business are and she says, “To make a difference in the lives of my clients. It gives you such a fantastic buzz when you see how you’ve helped a client grow their business and achieve success.”

“The fear of losing my daughter really shook me and my priorities up,” says Gemma. “It’s a cliché, but having children changed my life. I think I’m a better writer and editor since having my children, as I think I’m more sensitive and mature in my approach to issues these days. It’s easy as a journalist to get caught up in the whirlwind of getting the ‘scoop’, but since having kids I am more aware of when it’s best to tread a little more softly.”

You can find Gemma’s Fembuiz profile here.                          Written by Gianna Huesch.

Whatever you do in life, always give 100%.”

What is Dynamic Energy and how to use it to engage with customers

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What did she just say? This is exactly what your customers are going to say if you don’t know how to turn on your dynamic energy. It allows us to be interesting, engaging, confident and shows your personality. Sometimes life can be stressful and it’s hard to let this show, it can be hard to engage with people and energy levels drop, your business then follows and takes a nose-dive and all your confidence gets sucked right out.

People mirror image each other

Ever been in a class room listening to a lecturer and they’re so monotoned that you zone out? That’s because there was no dynamic magic and this is exactly what we need with our customers or audience and we must learn tricks on how to switch the on.

It’s not just what your saying that counts, it has a lot more to do with your facial expressions and body language.

Body language counts for 55% of your interaction, 38% is your tone of voice, which leaves 7% to your words, YES! Only 7 percent!

(Research of Dr Albert Mehrabian – Professor of Psychology)

So it’s time to get rid of the nervous tension, Stop being self-conscious, using a monotone and acting dull because customers will not stick around, if your  enthusiastic and your business or product their much more inclined to follow.

It’s time to show your dynamic energy, so:
– Raise your volume up a notch
– Emphasis on certain words and slow down
– Use your facial expressions
– Use your hands
– Stop hiding behind the desk, podium or the folder your holding 
– Take your hands out of your pockets
– Pause for a moment, (pause) don’t try to say everything at once

Low dynamic energy makes you feel less powerful, switch this on and be pleased to be there, be relaxed, calm, authoritative and confident, bring out that personality of yours, don’t hide it away, bringing it out, it makes life more interesting. This will start coming effortlessly the more you practise.

The next time your feeling flat and need to bring back that bounce think about the last time you had a party in hostess mode or about a first date you went on, you instantly have more energy and vibrancy, you are hyper aware of how irresistible, attractive and witty you appear.

You deserve to feel like this all the time, look at the work you have put into your career.

So this week in every engagement you have with people let’s bring your body language into action, even if it’s just when talking to your parents or family. The week after let’s also bring in emphasising on words. The following week bring in another addition and practise until it comes naturally.

Then everyone hears what your saying and hopefully your customers come running back for more and your family will be saying look how far she has come. 


Working from home by Gitta Hodgetts


The idea of working from home can be very daunting when you start calculating the risk. There isn’t a guaranteed pay cheque at the end of the week. You can’t file for unfair dismissal if all of a sudden you stop getting work. You have to stand on your own two feet and work hard for every dollar you bring in. In the beginning you find yourself busier than you were when you worked nine to five. It’s disheartening because there’s no secret code to make it work, there will be days that are extremely slow. You’ll tell yourself to give up once every so often.

Yet in spite of all the risks, writing from home to pay my bills has been one of the most liberating choices of my life. I get to decide what I write, how much for and if I write at all. It’s the perfect job for a university student because my time becomes my own. I am able to plan each part of my day around assignments and class time, without worrying about being let go from a casual job that wants me around more. One of the biggest plus sides, is that it allows me to build up a portfolio of paid work, that I can show to future employers and prove my worth.

Creativity has always been at the centre of who I am as a person. Ever since I was a kid I have been writing stories, even if they used to be about sporting heroes coming into my life to make me a superstar. Now, thanks to the internet and social media, I am able to make money off the one thing I believe I am destined to do. It’s a genuinely uplifting thing and while I have to work hard and earn every dollar that I make, the reward is more that worth it.

The key to working online is knowing what you’re good at. Believing you can achieve something is half the game. If you believe you can, others will too – your passion will shine through. Determining what you’re going to sell is the easier part. Planning the best way to monetise it is a different story. There are lots of options out there, Google Adcents, affiliate marketing or you could plan to sell your services directly. Not every option works for every product or skill set and it’s important to map out where you plan to go and how you are going to get there.

The next step is to determine whether there is a niche for your skill or product. When it comes to writing, the demand is ample and constant. Not every skill set is that easy to build your name in though. For example, trying to sell clothes online puts you in direct competition with BooHoo, Myers and eBay. If you do decide to enter a market where the competition is that high, you have to find yourself an edge. In other words, you need to be able to offer something the majority of your competition can not. Even then, building a reputation and having brand name awareness will be key.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) will be vital in helping you do this. SEO crawls your website so that it will appear high on the list of links a search engine, such as google or, will compile. This helps trading posts and Gumtree appear above eBay, when you type “buy and sell websites” into google. eBay relies very heavily on brand name, and it can get away with doing that, because eBay is the google of buying and selling goods online. People who are starting out, particularly people who work by themselves, can’t afford to rely on brand name. Investigating how to make SEOs flag your sites, will go a long way to making you successful.

Overtime you will build a client base and it’s important to keep in contact with them. You are selling a service at the end of the day, and you aren’t the only one doing it. Keeping up a friendly narrative with your client’s will help them to feel valued and will encourage them to come back again. Communicating with your client base needs to rely on much more than just a twitter following, who read your tweets every now and again. Lots of people see email as an outdated way of communicating but its a good way to communicate with your clients in a personal way, while still maintaining a professional appearance. A newsletter, detailing new services you offer and your latest achievements to date, won’t go astray either.

At the end of the day, anyone who knows their way around a computer can make money from their kitchen table. Success will depend on a stubborn persistence to keep going, even on the days you feel you’ve made a mistake. Working from home isn’t a shortcut to making thousands of dollars, it’s the key to making a living doing something you love. If you want to be a graphic designer, a writer, start a website making business or have another unaccomplished dream, there is no excuse not to tackle it head on. It’s the twenty first century, our technology is limitless, if you really want to do it – there is no reason why you can’t. Just remember to investigate thoroughly, plan ahead and you’ll remain on the top of your game.

Gitta sends us a photo of her and her Cozy looking workspace

Click here to view Gitta’s contact page.

The importance of Social Media and Digital Marketing, by Libby Shaw.

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Libby Shaw from 30 Darlo PR and Marketing gives us her explanation of the importance of marketing, she is a woman of many abilities, specialising in digital marketing, copywriting, blog posts, ghost writing, web content creation, website creation, SEO, PR. 

Libby is very approachable and available to help you on AirTasker, which is a very simple App and website to find people to help you online or in person with odd tasks, it also handles all the payments, she is very successful with her AirTasker duties and takes them seriously, almost generating a full-time job for her working from home, she has a website thats about to be launched for her business to help your business grow, so keep an eye out for her and her business.

She is based in Sydney, NSW and contactable on her Facebook page as she can help you online. ~

For any business in 2017, social media and digital marketing is going to play a major part in your success. It enables you to connect with audiences that may be far away and this can help you increase your customer base and connect with customers you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The major thing is that you first need to build awareness of your brand and you can’t do this with social media alone. You’ll need to develop a marketing strategy that combined both old, and new media.

If you’re running a restaurant or a beauty salon, you need to connect with people in your local area and those online. The only way you can do this initially is with brochures in your local area. This is essential because it means you’re going to reach those who will use your business. There’s no point advertising to customers that aren’t going to purchase you. By advertising to your audience in your local area you can get the foot traffic you need.

The physical local marketing supports the online marketing that you do. You see, you need to drive traffic to your social media sites. You can’t do that if people don’t know about you. Physical marketing will help build word of mouth referrals. Word of mouth remains one of the most important ways to make yourself even with new technology. To drive people to your social media sites, you can run “refer a friend” promotions. These encourage people to spread the word because there’s something in return for them potentially.

Then once you’ve built a local profile and your social media you can look at building the SEO on your website. A lot of businesses focus on if people can find them searching their business name. There’s no point to that unless people know you exist. You need to focus on your search for generic terms. If you’re a marketer then focus on “marketing Sydney” or “design Brisbane.” That will help you be found.

Social media can also help your website’s rank improve. There are so many factors in improving brand awareness. One such factor is through the utilisation of social media. Social media will drive traffic to your website and vice versa. It is of course essential that you can convert those visits to sales, so be sure that you have an appealing website that will prompt people to pick up the phone and give you a call.

Attracting new business isn’t the only reason you need to use social media. Simply having social media sites gives your business more credibility and in today’s competitive world that’s essential. When people are hiring a service, they want to know that they’re dealing with a legitimate business and that they can easily contact them if they need to. While people still prefer to pick up the phone, even having an email is enough as long as you monitor it regularly and reply to business requests swiftly.

These are just some of the reasons why social media is essential for your business. In general, it can help you increase your customer base but it does need to be used in conjunction with other marketing.

Libby shows us a photo of her and her desk space

Libby Shaw – 0422 591 815

Self Development is Key

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Self Development is Key – Find the time

I am a huge believer in self development, without it I believe you will not live a full-filling life and some even struggle, you may find it hard to make ends meet or to understand how to move on from one thing to the other in life and end up working a Groundhog Day job.  I love a challenge, I love to learn, experience new things in life and be creative.  Every chance I get to learn or take on a new course of study I take it, I’ve studied around working horrible shift worker 12 hour rosters, all you need is determination and to pick something of interest.

You might think you don’t have enough time or your busy with the kids and up keeping the house, take the time to research ideas first on how to improve things and make things easier for yourself and the family, there is many blogs out there with great ways on how to make life easier or how to work around things to save you time, all you may need is just another persons perspective.

There are many ways out there to do self development, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and years at Uni, there’s self help books out there such as “Make it Happen” by Michelle Bridges, a bit about my past, I always hated reading books growing up, I never had the patience to sit down and read, I still can’t get into fiction books, but I picked up this book at the airport when I was dreading having to fly back to work wondering what can I grab to distract me this swing, how am I going to make it through another swing, shortly after I turned 31, I was going through a Nervous break down, the fifo company I worked for flew me home as I was showing high levels of Anxiety, and had to go through a number of counselling sessions to come back to work (bad workplace relationship it’s a long story and I’m not allowed to talk about it, I’m still physically and mentally healing from it) I couldn’t get my head out of this book and it got me back into the gym, I’ve now made it my goal to run regularly, I hated running until now, now I love it, you need fitness for work if you want to have a great quality of life and career. I completely understand and agree with what Michelle says in this book, It’s a great read and there is many more out there by her and other authors as well I can’t keep my head out of books now. It’s also been great having great role models in my up bringing such as Tanya Spencer who has turned her bad life experiences into Life Coaching for others, she has spent thousands on training to accomplish this, she will soon be listed as a Fembuiz.

You can also take on small courses, their listed everywhere these days, I’ve done short photography courses ran by professional photographers who have done the hard yards at Uni, or go to TAFE, I’ve done photography there as well, a part-time course over 6months, one 3 hour session every week is all it took and at the end you have a certificate to add to your portfolio, it’s not even expensive.

There’s also online courses, I’ve done one with Open Colleges and they have different payment plans, I’ve just signed up to another one a month ago so now I will be working a fifo roster, starting up this new business Fembuiz Directory and studying. If I’m not studying I just don’t feel as though I’m getting the best out of life, there is so much hidden knowledge out there, you just have to search for it. The world is my Oyster, Mmmmmmmm Oysters.

You might take on a course of study that your passionate about then halfway through think it’s not what you want anymore it’s been a waste of money – I think this is fear a lot of people take on that stops them from wanting to enrol in a course, even if this happens keep going and finish the course, this is knowledge that you now have, this will never be a waste of money, you would of still gotten something useful out of the course, still put it on your resume, employers love to see that your actively minded even if it’s nothing to do with the job your applying for, and this is also something to look out for when hiring new staff. You may not use that knowledge now but you may need it one day, it’s never a waste. When you do finish that course, if your passionate about it or not you will still have that great feeling of achievement, your passion may change into something else or you may turn that passion into a business, my Dad always told me that if you do something that you enjoy and your passionate about you will never have to work a day in your life, some people know know what their passionate about straight away some people it takes a few trial and errors or even a U-bolt in the opposite direction.

You can always take on a small course before you take on the big one to test out how passionate you are about that subject or ask a company if you can do a day of volunteer work to see what it’s like and get some inside information or just to get those feel good vibes before spending that money and signing up, then when you do the course you have a little head start for yourself.

If your employer ever offers to put you through training take it, don’t see it as an insult and don’t be scared that you might fail, there is heaps of help out there such as tutors or asking another staff member to assist you, sometimes courses cost hundreds or even thousands and it’s you that gets that certificate at the end, not the company, you did it, you own it, but they paid for it, win win situation. I once approached my employer and said I wanted to do the Accounting Clerical & Finance course at the local TAFE, this involved 1 night class every week for 6 months and a lot of studying around work to keep up with it, it was a lot harder then I thought and chewed up a lot of my free hours, I completed it but I didn’t want to take Accounting up a profession, numbers were haunting me in my sleep, even though I could do my book keeping myself I hire someone else to do it as my time is more valuable and I’d rather hire an expert who can do it better then me, but I still have that knowledge and can understand what she’s on about, in most cases.

It’s incredible the amount of ways to Self-develop these days, I actually budget for it, you could budget thousands yearly or you could budget $30 a month for a book, if your really strapped for cash there’s facebook pages, blogs, websites, or tutorials, YouTube is amazing for this, I say “Ask Google” a lot, I’m dead certain google knows everything but you must be weary as anyone these days can put anything on the internet, always read into a number of websites or articles on the same topic in case it’s contradicting then judge for yourself.

Happy learning fellow Fembuizers.  From the Fembuiz Honcho – Rebecca Bennett