CLB Luxe

CLB Luxe

Hi Christie-Lee here, I am a Gold Coast girl who loves anything and everything involving health, wellness, and beauty. I started CLB LUXE because I wanted to share my love for natural skincare and also my love of crystals. I believe relaxing your mind, body, and soul is very important in our stressful lives and I wanted to help women make time for some self-care skincare rituals they can do in the comfort of their own home that will benefit how they feel. We have 3 main crystal skincare products these are our signature face roller and Gua Sha massage sets, our crystal eye masks, and crystal face masks. These are products anyone can use that make you feel great, destress your mind, body, and soul.

Our crystal Face Roller and Gua Sha sets are incorporated into your already existing skincare routine.  These come in Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Jade, and Clear Quartz crystal.

CLB Luxe

CLB Luxe

You will use these with your existing face moisturisers and serums to help your skincare absorb better, keep your skin’s circulation moving which will give you a beautiful glow from the inside out, help with any muscle tension in the face and neck, especially amazing for those of you who clench your jaw or grind your teeth. The Gua Sha will plump out fine lines, reduce puffiness, and help lymphatic drainage in your face which can cause toxin build-up under our skin. Using these will also help reduce acne and redness in the skin.  Using these skincare tools will help you sleep better by relaxing the face and creating a feeling of relaxation. These crystal skincare items can be used at home to create your own at-home facial treatment.

The Gua Sha skincare tool has been used for years in Chinese medicine and acupuncturists still use it in their practice to treating patients and many day spas have also incorporated a Gua Sha facial into their spas as it is known as the natural facelift because it instantly lifts, contours and plumps the face by using long strokes to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue that will increase blood flow, help move stagnant energy in the body that helps with inflammation and helps promote healing. Gua Sha is used with a moisturiser or serum to help it slide along the face upwards to lift and contour the face and jawline. If you are someone who works all day on a computer and is always looking downwards you may have developed something called ‘tech neck’ this is from constantly looking down which creates neck wrinkles. We have our vibrating rose quartz face roller that is battery operated and uses 6000w per minute to plump wrinkles on the face and the neck as well as lifting and contouring. The vibrating roller is a popular one with celebrities. All face rollers can also be used over the top of a sheet mask to help the serums sink into the skin better. As well as the face you can use your Gua Sha to naturally plump the lips which is a great alternative to lip filler, use it on the body to help with scars, stretch marks, fluid retention in the legs and also helps with women who breastfeed to massage the area to prevent mastitis and milk blockage.

If you suffer from dry, easily irritated, puffy eyes, dark circles, migraines, stress or anxiety you will love our crystal eye masks.

CLB Luxe

CLB luxe

These are hand sewn using 174 individual crystals to create our Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Jade, and Clear Quartz crystal eye masks. These can be used in meditation, at the end of a yoga or pilates session to relax, used while having a relaxing bath, used to help you fall asleep, ‘I actually fall asleep with my amethyst eye mask on sometimes”. They are an instant relaxant and many people who suffer from stress and anxiety fell these really help them calm down. Being natural crystals they are very calming and great to use when you first wake up as natural crystals are cool to the touch so these help de-puff the face before you get out of bed and put makeup on. You can also place these in the fridge in summer for an extra cooling effect which also helps women with menopause when they are having hot flashes. The coolness also helps to close pores in the skin. The mask can be turned upside down over the mouth area to de-puff the lower face and get the circulation moving. These crystal masks are also available as a full face mask which is for those who want the ultimate crystal mask experience, they use 247 crystals and cover the entire face.

Many models and actors use these masks to help brighten, de-puff and give their faces the ultimate relaxation before the go to a shoot.

All these products help create glowing skin that helps eliminate toxins from the skin and keep the lymphatic system moving so there is no stagnant lymph. You will feel relaxed being able to give your face and neck a daily massage as we have so many muscles in our face and neck that need love just like the rest of our body and our face and neck often get forgotten so these products are great, easy to use and can be used anywhere.

CLB Luxe

CLB Luxe

If you are looking for a natural alternative to botox and fillers to help with anti-aging, skin firmness, skin contouring and that is beautiful and relaxing I would recommend a face roller set as they are easy to use, you can do it morning or night, even while watching Netflix. You will notice immediate results and when you choose your crystal your skin will also be getting the benefits of using a natural crystal on the skin. Rose Quartz is a beautiful crystal for self-love, purifies the heart, and opens it to love, great for inner peace and friendship. Clear Quartz is popular for manifesting your dreams into reality and also a master healing crystal, Amethyst is amazing for circulation, helps with insomnia, great for meditation, and heal the mind. Jade is a popular protective stone that brings good luck and friendship and soothes the mind of negative thoughts.

We believe every woman should feel worthy, beautiful, and loved and that is our aim through our products.



Kind Regards

Christie-Lee Britten
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How to start a blog

How to start a blog.

How to start a blog

You could start a blog about interior design, art, or post your amazing drawings or photos with a write-up.

Today, millions of people worldwide use the internet for a number of reasons; work, school, research, communication, etc. the internet does half the job.  If there is one thing that the internet has made possible- it is for people to get themselves heard online. There are social platforms to connect with friends, online videos to promote one’s self, and of course, blogging for people who love to write or get there name out there.

Blogging has redefined itself throughout the years and bloggers worldwide have also evolved into a different class online. In short, blogging is basically writing about anything online likened to writing a journal, giving business tips, or promoting products and services. In this post, I will list the steps that you can follow on how to start a blog. 


  • Find Your Blogger Identity

The first thing you need to know is to find your niche. What kind of blogger do you want to be or what type of business do you have? This is an important question that you need to ask before starting a blog. There are different kinds of bloggers online and they talk about almost any topic known to man. For instance, it could be something about fashion, movies, food, traveling, tech, sports, music, or about your day-to-day lives. A variety of writers found their niche by writing what they love and what they are interested in.


  • Choose A Blog Platform 

After deciding on what kind of blog you want to put up, choose your blog platform that will host your blog website. There are a number of sites that offer free hosting like Blogger, Wix, WordPress, etc. these blog hosting sites allow you to have a blog for free and sometimes would even assist you on how to start a blog. These blog hosting sites even let you store the photographs that you want to include in your posts.

Choose the right blog hosting site that will suit your needs but if you have no idea, you can always read reviews online and see what people think about these sites.

How to start a blog

Post your amazing travel photos and journeys, help people to travel on a budget, near to where you live or overseas, help promote the local businesses.

  • Your Name

In the blogging world, your name is your identity. Other bloggers will identify and associate you with that name. You have to think of your name as a brand, in the long run when your blog will have more loyal readers and followers they will promote you to other bloggers with that name. Therefore, make sure that the name you want to use is unique and represents who you really are or what your blog is about.  Also see our “How to pick a good business name” blog post as it’s pretty much the same concept.


  • Get Yourself Out There

Depending on whether you write about a specific topic or you talk about personal stuff the main reason your blog is for sharing and being heard. Promote your blog to readers through social platforms, post up links of your new posts. Eventually word will get out of about a new blog until you hit your target audience. And, in the long run, the more your readership will expand the more you may even earn from it. 

How to start a blog

Team up with a friend to share the blogging journey with you.


Blogging is open to anyone who wants to write, it doesn’t matter if you are a professional writer or you simply write to express yourself, just follow the above-mentioned steps to begin your blogging, and don’t forget to include some pictures because like they say, “Pictures speak 1000 words”.


How to create scheduled posts in your facebook business page

Scheduling posts is a great way to get organised, you can schedule things in months ahead or keep copying and pasting the same post so it pops up every Monday, Tuesday or which ever day.  So I’m going to show you how to do this step by step with a couple of pictures to make it easy for those that are unsure, are rather time poor or simply don’t have patients to sit there and figure it out, which is normally my case.

People use this to create a marketing campaign for a new product, service or event they are about to release, or they just want to put in something up for Christmas, Easter or The Queens birthday without even touching a computer or phone to create a post that day.

Scheduling posts in when you are inspired to sit down for a few hours and punch in heaps of posts may give you time to schedule in “social media free days”, unless of course you’re posting something where you have to respond straight away.

How to create a scheduled post on your facebook business page:

How to schedule posts on your business page

2. More > Publishing tools.

  1. Login and go to your business page.
  2. Select “Publishing tools” along the top bar, you may need to select the “MORE” down button to get to this.
  3. In the grey column on the left select “Scheduled Posts”, in the future you will be able to see every post you have created, you can also go back in and edit them at any time before they are published.
  4. Select the Blue button saying “Create Post”.
  5. Write content as you would normally, add pictures or a link as you desire.
  6. Ensure you have News Feed selected.
  7. Optional – select Instagram also if you have an account and if it’s a compatible post.
  8. Click the big blue “Schedule Post” to go through to schedule arrangements.

    How to schedule posts on your business page

    9.  Select the date and time you would like it to be published.

  9. Select the date and the time you would like it to be published, be careful of the time zone, incase you haven’t fixed this it’s in your “settings”.
  10. This will save, the box will then disappear. Refresh the page.
  11. Select the “Scheduled Posts” in the grey left column, the last post you created should be at the top.
  12. Back to step 4, schedule in another post.


So now you have the tools in place to schedule posts so you can book in time in your diary for a social media free day, spend time the loved ones, go for a swim or get your nails done.  I once scheduled in 20 posts using my phone while getting my hair done, save yourself some more time by doing 2 things at once, because we know we can.


You’re welcome.

NSW Fire

Traditionally when we think of firefighting, we think of firemen in their uniforms. We often sexualise them and see them as objects of affection. Many women spend their time fantasising about what it would be like to be with a fireman. They, like Samantha from Sex and the City imagine that it’s all about climbing down the firemen’s pole as she famously did in the first episode of season 3, however the reality is more like a later scene when she quickly had to change out of the fireman’s uniform leaving her naked while the firemen went and extinguished the fires.

Although Sex and the City painted the firefighting profession as glamorous, the reality is much different as Australian firefighters would know. One such firefighter is Kat Robinson Williams who has attracted controversy because she’s fighting fires while pregnant. She’s confidently responded by saying that she’s a firefighter and that she’s a woman but that she doesn’t care if people don’t like what she’s doing. Her concern is that the state of NSW is up in flames. Rather than focusing on her being pregnant, shouldn’t we be commending her for being willing to step up and help the state when it’s in need? Why should gender even factor into the equation?

What a lot of people don’t realise is that firefighters are given extensive training so it doesn’t actually matter what gender you are.

The NSW RFS website features an information booklet which contains all you need to know about becoming a volunteer firefighter. It has five key areas:

  1. Foundation
  2. Technical
  3. Supervision
  4. Command
  5. Strategic.

Each of the areas focuses on ensuring that firefighters have the tools necessary to fight fires and make an ever lasting impact for our country.   

At the foundation level, you’ll learn all there is to know about the ground work.

The technical level will see you become qualified so that you can extinguish fires with or without supervision.

When you study supervision you’ll learn how to lead other volunteer firefighters.

More senior is the command level where you’ll develop the skills to lead entire crews on the ground so they can perform firefighting duties effectively.

For those who’d rather look at strategy, the Strategic level is ideal and will teach you how to develop strategies and plans to manage firefighting activities.

All levels will see you learn the theory before you put it into practice and get to work on the ground.

We need more female fire fighters across Australia

So what exactly is firefighting like for a woman?

Despite gender equality and women having higher workforce participation rates, the rate of women firefighters is extremely low. In Victoria, only 80 of 2000 CFA members are women. Although it’s changing it’s still got a long way to go. The women receive the exact same training as the men and work just as hard.

46 year old, Melbourne Water firefighting crew leader and operations officer Renelle Verkes recounts how the force was much different to when she first joined. When she first joined it was uncommon to see women in the CFA because of the bloke perception and any women who were involved would be doing the administration or making the firemen sandwiches, whereas now they’re out in the field putting out blaze.

There are however all female firefighting crews in some areas of the US including Brockton Massachusetts and believe they set a great example of whats possible.

If you’re interested in joining any of Australia’s volunteer fire services head along to one of these links:

NSW – Rural Fire Service

Victoria – Country Fire Authority

SA – Country Fire Service

Tasmania – Tasmania Fire Service

WA – Department of Fire and Emergency Services

ACT – Rural Fire Service

NT – Fire and Rescue Services


Come Join a crew, Australia needs YOU. 


Written by Libby Shaw.

Edited and Supported by Rebecca Bennett, Founder of Fembuiz Directory.


Rebecca Bennett – Greater Hope Downs & West Angelas Emergency Response – Rio Tinto
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