Women’s Health

Women's health

Every day is a challenge, with the challenge to be better than the day before, for our loved ones, our business and ourselves.  Women’s health changes dramatically, it can be like a roller coaster ride sometimes with menstruation, pregnancy, anxiety, keeping up our vitamins, water intake and the list goes on.

There is nothing more important than putting your health first, because if we don’t how are we going to look after the family and the business.  I’m sure you may have experienced it before when you have been sick and then you have a big backlog of things to catch up on and wish you had a live-in nanny.

Here we invite members to publish their health tips and expertise to help the women of our community.

Kath Mazzella
Gynaecological/Vulval Awareness

Kath Mazzella
Gynaecological/Vulval Awareness

“Vagina”, “the clit”, “muff”, “minge”, “pussy”, “fanny”, “the snatch” are very commonly used words and slang words when talking about “the lady-private part” professionally known as “the vulva”, but not for Kath Mazzella, it’s her goal to create Gynaecological/Vulval awareness.

At 42 years of age, Kath had her Clitoris, Vulva and groin lymph glands removed due to Vulva cancer, Kath had a surgery that many wouldn’t have heard of “A Radical Vulvectomy”.

After her treatment, one of her three children was found to have Polycystic ovaries and Endometriosis, then finding out that over 2 million Australian women had this condition. Plus let’s not forget to mention the other conditions such as prolapse, Fibroid, GYN cancers, Hysterectomy and menopause, the list goes on.

Kath Mazzella

Realising this was when Kath started to speak out more and make more use of the word “Vulva”, at one point she felt isolated and ostracised by even women back then for even mentioning the word “Vulva” and most referred to it as the “Vagina” to now winning honour awards and being associated with a number of groups.

Kath is a public speaker for those afraid to speak out and recommends the services of Jean Hailes Women’s Health and Cancer Centres as they have evidence-based resources, Cancer Support and Sexual Health Headquarters. 

Her favourite quote “Knowledge is power.  Viva La Vulva, Don’t wait till it is too late”.

Vulval awareness

Kath wants to encourage women when planning their strategic plan for 2022 to include:

  • The international Gynaecological awareness on September 10th, and,
  • To collaborate with medical professionals, women’s groups and the community at large.
Kath Mazzella

Kath Mazzella

Follow Kath’s Fembuiz link here to find out more on how to connect with her, and if you join one of her events, don’t forget “to bring your undies”.   








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