We’ve heard that opportunities in rural communities are limited, however with technological advancements, and changes in traditional gender roles things are changing. There are more opportunities than ever for women in rural communities. So what exactly are these opportunities?

Here at Fembuiz we want to encourage women to take control of their futures and to be the best they possibly can be. Over the last couple of years we’ve found that you want that as well.


Women are capable of extraordinary things

Living in a small town or rural community doesn’t have to mean that your career suffers like it might have in the future. Instead, with the internet you can create your own opportunities.

So what opportunities can you create? Well, businesses these days want to cut costs and they’re aware that people want flexible working conditions. To that end, why pay excessive rents when your workforce only uses them for around 40 hours a week when you could hire someone to work remotely and pay them for the work they do? That’s where those in remote communities come in.  You can offer your services – accounting, admin, writing, marketing, legal or even teaching services remotely. Simply advertise on a sharing economy website, or create your own website and you’re ready to go. Just wait for the calls to come in.  Hundreds of people are already doing this and servicing the needs of clients in other cities, states or even countries.

With the internet, geography doesn’t matter like it previously did; and it’s great for mothers with small children who want to remain in the workforce while they raise their little one. You can work at your own pace, draw an income and retain skills that match the current job market.

That puts you in an excellent position if you ever move to a larger town or want to return to the traditional workforce.

You don’t need to be a business owner in a rural community though. Although there’s still a long way to go, large mining companies such as BHP Billiton are committed to gender equality and more and more women are joining the mining sector. There’s still a long way to go. Only 16.1% of all employees in the mining industry are women however that number is increasing, so if you’re thinking you’d like to work outdoors and get your hands dirty there’s never been a better time to join the industry then NOW, plus, on a more personal level.  While earning more money than you would in other industries. The gender pay gap is 7% lower than in other industries across Australia so that should make it an attractive proposition.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

One miner, Cat Simmons has been in the sector for eight years and she says she’s been supported throughout her career where she started as a truck driver and now works as an analyst and improvement specialist.

If mining or starting your own business isn’t for you then there are other opportunities in rural communities such as managing a farm, working in retail or one of the many other essential services such as healthcare that are needed to keep small communities thriving.

The bottom line is that it doesn’t really matter where you live. You could live in a big city and find that there aren’t many opportunities, or you could live in a small city and discover the possibilities are endless. It’s not where you live but rather how you live and what you do with your surroundings that makes the difference.


Created by Libby Shaw.


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Country Lady's

Living in a rural community can be fantastic. You have peace and quiet and can move at your own pace without being worried about slowing the people around you down. If you’re a parent it brings with it wonderful opportunities for your children. There are plenty of wide open spaces so they can spend more time outside riding their bikes, playing sports or simply getting some much needed fresh air.

Cheerful young woman agriculture engineer.

People in rural communities tend to have a greater sense of exactly that, community. When you live in the city it’s a foreign concept that you’d knock on your neighbour’s door and become friends with them. Why would you when there are thousands of other people you can contact through work, clubs, sports or simply buying your morning coffee?

Small town folk approach things differently. Think of a small town like a club or a school. When you go to a club or school everyone somehow knows everyone and is friends with everyone. Because there are fewer people to gel with, they tend to communicate with each other better. That means if you’re in a small town you’ll think nothing of going to your neighbour’s house and knocking on their door during the day or early evening unannounced. Often people in small towns welcome the company because it’s so hard to come by.

Due to that constant interaction with the same people day in day out, they become very close with each other, so if you’re in a farming community the farmers (typically men, although more and more, women are getting into farming and agriculture) would socialise while the farmers’ wives would congregate over coffee or snacks in the house (although that is changing with women taking on farming responsibilities themselves) and then their children would become friends with each other. It becomes a very close knit community where everyone looks out for each other, so if you’re in trouble your neighbours will help you.

Of course, unfortunately there are drawbacks to living in small communities.

Where do your teenagers gain work experience? Generally if you live in a rural community, employment opportunities are limited, however there are still options available. If you live in a mining town then you could contact the local office of the mining company to see if they have any vacancies for teenagers during the school holidays.  That may be difficult though because generally speaking, the mines are run by large companies which have a strict recruitment process in place.

Adorable toddler boy having fun in a wheelbarrow being pushed by mum.

If you’re in a farming community it’s easier because most farms are owner operated and if you’re part of a close knit community then the chances are that the farm owner will give your son or daughter a go, even if only as a favour to you. Then after a while they’ll have proven themselves and that will help them with their next opportunity in the town or in another area if they choose to leave when they’ve completed their HSC.

Other common opportunities for teenagers or even adults in rural communities are retail, administration for a local farming business or fruit picking.

That’s how it used to be anyway. With advancements in technology it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Look out for part B of our work opportunities in rural communities blog post, which will discuss options available for women in remote areas and why it’s important that women in remote areas work.

If you are running your own business out in the country we would love to know more about you and your business listed in this directory.

By Libby Shaw. Part 1, look out for part 2.


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So you have your idea together, you’re trying to figure out what to write but where do you start?  You want to create some killer written content.

I’ll be looking at a blank screen and then my mind follows, it goes blank, other times I can’t stop, content just keeps coming and coming …

I know I’m not the only one this happens to, so to help myself later on and to help you I have put this little strategy together.

Some tips to keep in the back of your mind:

  1. Make it SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimisation).
  2. Know your target audience.
  3. Use terms that are recognisable and relate to the service you provide.
  4. Be genuine and authentic in what you are saying.
  5. Get someone to proof read it before you go to publish.

A quick and simple format to follow: Who, what, when, where, why & how

  1. Who are you and do you have a team or are you flying solo?
  2. What do you and the business stand for? What drives you? What’s your passion? What do you love?
  3. When did the business started.
  4. Why did you started your business, share your story?
  5. Share your future goals, what is your dream goal?
  6. How does this help them?
  7. Call to action, what do you want them to do? Email, signup or other?

Be careful not to make your description too short, put some time into it, it shows that you’re passionate about it and truely care.

Make it too long and people generally won’t read all of it, everyone has busy lives to attend to and remember most people use their phones to read and the small screen can get frustrating, this is why we limit our description space on our members Fembuiz page.

Also copy and paste all your written content into an App such as notes or a word document incase you to want to use it again somewhere later.



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Don’t forget to do a google search for POWER WORDS for your niche.  Collect as many words as you think people will commonly use to hunt your business down and trigger a response turning people from new potential clients to actual clients.

Create yourself a nice document, print this out and place it above your desk so these words remain in your face and you use them.

Here’s a quick list of power words recommended to use; new, free, imagine, because, instant, how to.

Visit this site to read up on some more tips with power words.

Another idea for inspiration for your written content… Start a creative display folder that you can place the print out of your power words, if you see written content in a magazine you like that gives you inspiration, rip it out and place in it the same folder, keep adding information, tips, notes you find or make to your inspiration folder.


Still stuck on what to write?

Check out the creative content writers we have listed on the website that will be excited to hear from you and happy to help, you can email them directly for a quote, another tip;  Ask them if they have experience in creating content for your niche and how they charge for “X” amount of words.

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