Jan SutherlandHi, I’m Jan Sutherland, I started “End of Life Consultant” 2 years ago after helping put together my mother’s service, there are not many people that could tell you that they had to been to a dress rehearsal for their own funeral, for her 90th birthday she wanted people to know what they would say about her after she passed away so we hired the members club room at our local bowls club and invited 100 guests.

We set up a video of her life and had a mock Eulogy, the guests had shared their stories about my mother, we had so much fun and my mother got to hear so many interesting things about herself, her funeral became a duplication of this event but with the added bonus of a video of my mother talking to us.  

This is what inspired me to become a celebrant, even though the industry was flooded, so I found a way to make my services a little bit different and embarked in a different direction and become a Doula/End of life Consultant and started helping people with planning their wishes and help them to make arrangements for rehoming their pets.

Jan SutherlandEarlier this year our little Ruby girl passed away, she is of the breed, Bichon. She was fighting cancer and was taken too early at 11.5 years old.  To help with the grief of our fur baby I created a video of our precious moments with her and I performed my first pet memorial, we had a candle burning, music playing softly with the beach and waves playing on the screen, while the vet came to our home to put her to sleep, that when I started my new service “Memorial Services for Furbabies”, Ruby is now my little mascot, my husband and I love pets.

“I have many great ideas to help clients wish farewell to their precious family members, friends and pets”.  

Moving into a new career wasn’t always easy, especially one where it touches hearts so deeply and speaking about death can be frightening and upsetting.  I overcame these issues by talking to networking groups, got technical help and training to create videos and of course was worried about how I would reach my audience? I ended up getting a very positive response from most people, so I proceeded to market the service and found a business mentor to help guide me along the way and my new service for fur babies.

I get satisfaction from helping people to have peace of mind and comfort, so they can say farewell in a warm and friendly atmosphere and create memories of their time (video memorial keepsake).  Help people gain some closure and address their grief.

“Live in the now, have no regrets.” ~Unknown.

Jan SutherlandI am located in South Melbourne, I work from clients homes to help set up memorials, I am open to holding a Zoom meeting/interview with you and making suggestions.  Due to Covid-19, I can not perform memorials at this stage, my website is also being updated with the new memorial services for pets.

Kind regards ~ Jan Sutherland