Love for Photography by Sharon from ShaBo Studio


Photographs capture a moment in time, a memory to treasure for generations to come. Photographs are all we have left to remind us of the one we love who sadly is no longer here or that perfect summer holiday at the beach, a first birthday, the first day at school, the last day at school, a wedding, a baby, photographs are a heirloom to be treasured for a lifetime.

Sharon has always had a love for photography and the arts; studying photography in high school and later continuing to ignite that same passion, Sharon went on to complete a diploma in photography. Photography served as a creative outlet for Sharon, giving her a much needed distraction from the hectic corporate life.

Sharon from ShaBo Studio

After relocating to Melbourne, Sharon decided it was time to invest in her future with something that evoked her passion and chose to transform her hobby into a new career. Sharon invested in herself and in her business, participating in several one to one and group workshops in person that were specific to the genre that Sharon chose to base her business on.

The transition from the corporate world to self employment was, as is with all things worth while, not easy but with the determination and skill set, Sharon was able to successfully make this transition.

Returning to Perth was a family decision and one that was very welcome. Relocating a business interstate can be challenging but has proven to be quite rewarding for Sharon as she has rebuilt her business and welcomed her new clients.

Sharon has since engaged with a photography specific mentor to further her business skill set as well as her photography skill set, to ensure that she takes her business to the next level.

Sharon’s purpose and ethos at ShaBo STUDIO is to ensure that each client feels beautiful, feels special, feels seen. Sharon believes that there is so much more to having your portrait taken than simply having someone click a button; Sharon says it is about having amazing lighting, about being gently guided with articulated posing to flatter each clients unique body shape, it is about reconnecting with yourself and loving the person that you are right now. ShaBo STUDIO specialises in posing and photographing women (and men!) at all stages of life, be it maternity, with your newborn or simply an intimate photo shoot all about you.

“Pursue your dreams. Be passionate for the career you choose, you can do anything that you set your mind to and most importantly, believe in yourself!  It takes time to do great things, it takes determination, it takes courage, believe in yourself and you will achieve everything you want to.”  

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