How to manage time more effectively with Barbara Clifford


If you’re looking for a personal coach then look no further than Barbara Clifford who runs The Time Tamer, a business that specialises in personal and business development and coaching.

The business was started by Barbara Clifford after 20 years of working behind the scenes in the media industry. She’d reached a point of self reflection where she was assessing what was most important to her in life and what was most valuable to her. As with most people who have children, Barbara realised it was her kids that were most important and that she wanted to spend more time with them than what she had been doing. She turned inward and assessed what had motivated her to join the film industry in the first place and discovered that it was her insecurities and a need for validation. After a period of introspection Barbara suddenly reached a turning point in her life where that was no longer important to her.

She looked towards MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) as she is driven by freedom, success and independence. She found herself restricted by MLMs as they had certain procedures and practices in place which didn’t allow her to foster her true desires and ambitions.

Over time, the itch Barbara had to leave the film industry and take control of her own life started to take hold and that’s when she found herself with an opportunity to start her own business. She had been working with an entrepreneur for seven years while she was still involved with an MLM and they provided her with advice that she needed but had been too terrified to ask for. It was at this moment that she learned you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for things and that the moment you do, your life will change for the better.

Her business specialises in a few key areas, some of which you may say are inspired by her own struggles with time management and being trapped in the corporate world. It could be professional development that you need, or you may want help with stress management. Barbara has developed services based on the needs of individuals. They are offered separately.

Stress management is designed to help you understand what your stress levels are and then from there you can deal with them and live a life with less stress.

Time management is another service that is offered, with Barbara helping clients manage time more effectively.

It’s not all serious though. She’s added a fun quiz on her website so you can get an idea of your stress levels. If you’re still unsure and would like the advice of a professional you can make an appointment to start the process of stress management. Each session typically runs for 45 minutes and for your convenience, can be done via Skype.

Those in business will know that productivity is essential to high performance, and that’s where Barbara’s Professional Development training can come in handy. This training can either be done online or in the workforce. By training all your staff in productivity and time management, you ensure consistency in your business.

She has established a strong reputation and regularly features in the media and has also spoken at various events.

With Barbara helping you out, you are sure to find yourself more productive, less stressed out and managing your time more effectively.

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