Ever since starting my website I’ve come across an endless list of Women’s business communities from all over the world, many in Australia too, Business Chicks, Inspired Women with Renee Kacz, Female Boss Co, Fusion Biz Babes, even a radio station called Boss Mode Radio, which is streamable off their website and saved to my bookmarks, just to list a few. (I will conduct another list and blog soon for women in Australia) It’s been great to see so much support out there for women, a lot of these are run by business coaches, marketing strategists, cafe owners, health gurus and of course event planners.


This recently got me thinking, mainly because I have received some complaints saying that Fembuiz is “Sexest”, why can’t men advertise in your directory? There’s nothing like this out there for them! And because of this there is no way they would list on my site.

BUT, That’s just SOME people’s perspective.  A community is a group of like-minded people who help and inspire each other in becoming who they want to be.  

Men’s business groups, women’s business groups, men and women’s business groups, there’s even mums groups, they all have their own unique vibes to them, events of different styles and targets their trying to achieve.  They are not sexist, they are simply a Niche, a target audience, they all deserve and need to be there, this country needs small business, networks and communities within our community in which we can gain confidence and trust to build business.

So, what did I do? Of course I turned to a Google search looking for directories and networking groups for men, also making a few posts on Facebook, I compiled a list to share it with you.


There are many communities out there for men, it just takes a bit of searching:

Mamamia – Article – Man’s Business group.

Men’s Altitude Network

Christian Business Networking

Cub – Club of United Businesses

Secret Men’s business

Kyneton Men’s Shed

Men Supporting Men Inc

Winchelsea Men’s Shed


Men’s Business Networking – Facebook group

If you know of a Men’s Networking Group or Men’s Business Directory that isn’t in here but you think it should be, please post a link in the comments below and tell us about it.

There is no reason out there for anyone to be feeling alone and stuck with business, all you have to do is reach out.

Plus, our Directory listings are public, allowing men and women to find services across Australia.