Model Ellie Jeffrey and her love for the outdoors

The life of a beautiful model, on the cover of magazines and displayed on billboards may not seem like the type of article you’d expect to find on Fembuiz. Ellie Jeffrey, is defying the stereotype of models and breaking boundaries for beautiful young women, working towards their goals.

Ellie has been a part time model since high school, totalling up five years in the business. To an outsider looking in, she is young, talented, beautiful and oh so lucky. However, modelling is not all that Ellie does with her time. She is undergoing an Outdoor Recreational Instructor trainee-ship, and channelling her love of the outdoors, exercise and engaging with kids, in order to gain rewarding work in her future.


Despite being a very successful model. for an Australian woman turning just twenty one this year, Ellie never dreamed she would enter the world of fashion at all. She excelled naturally in dance and arts as a child, and describes her transition into modelling as having ‘fallen into it’. Ellie’s success proves that it’s not how you come by opportunity that defines your success, it’s what you make of the opportunities that come your way.

Her success as a model, has allowed her to pursue the vital education in Outdoor Recreational work she needs, with a job that does more than keep her stable, it makes her happy. This is an important message for all girls out there, do what makes you happy and do it while you are young enough, to take the risk that it won’t work out. One day you’ll have university debts, possible house loans and maybe kids that will rely on you having a steady pay cheque. The time to take risks and move towards your dream is now.

There is an obvious stereotype that models have too higher opinions of themselves and that they are high maintenance but Ellie Jeffrey definitely proves that stigma wrong. She is confident in her abilities too be sure, but she has every right to be. Modelling is a tough world to be apart of, there is a lot of competition and pressure associated with the job but Ellie stays strong by focusing on her work. For those out there, thinking of following in the footsteps of Ellie Jeffrey, she wants to advise you not to take everyone’s opinions on board. It’s important to be comfortable in your own skin, something Ellie is only just now starting to realise. There is an expectation sometimes, for models to look a certain way, but staying true to yourself is much more important than anyone else’s standards. For a young woman, so successful in a pressure filled field, Ellie handles herself extremely well. She is an inspiration, with wise beyond her years words and a self confidence that leaves room for further improvement.
Whether as a model, an outdoor recreation instructor, or just as a woman – Ellie Jeffrey should be on your “One to Watch” list. There will be great things coming from her in the years to come, and you won’t want to miss a moment of it.

Written By Gitta Hodgetts

If you would like to get in contact with Ellie or her modelling agency follow this link to her Fembuiz Business Profile.

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