Office in a box, what’s in the box?

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This is a giveaway I do at our social business networking events valued at $65.00 I call it “Office in a box”, so what’s in the box?

-Hard plastic box, pink, blue or white/clear
-Journal A5 WTV
-Notebook softcover A5
-Notebook hardcover A5
-Index book A5
-Pink highlighter
-Fembuiz pens
-Freelancer at work vinyl sticker
-A4 display book with presentation inside.

and I’ve sometimes added more items like a stapler and hole punch because I love creating and giving away gifts.

Working FIFO and running a website business while trying to maintain a balanced lifestyle is hectic, especially when I struggle to get reception or can’t have my phone with me, I fly home and I have what feels like a never ending list of things I have to get done before flying back to work, so how do I manage?

The above office in a box comes with a presentation I have put together on different ways I use the items listed above to help me, no I don’t use the index book to keep track of phone numbers, I have a phone for that, but to find out how these items can help you run or get started on your own business, get organised or to keep you inspired, otherwise we could be going around and around on a playground like chimpanzees not knowing what to do next.


Having a casual lunch with one of the members, Nicola from The Pink Book Club.


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