Our story

Founder – Rebecca Bennett-Bekkers

Our Story

Rebecca founded Fembuiz in 2016 after wanting to help a friend who was in a crisis, she searched for a female self-defence trainer who would come to her friend’s house and teach them some moves, as she wanted her friend to have the confidence to leave the home again.

Rebecca couldn’t find anyone.

Around this time Rebecca was reading inspiring business self-development books, as online training and taking a course of study was difficult around her FIFO job in and out of Perth.

Rebecca wanted to create a directory full of inspiring women to be able to connect and support each other.

Rebecca says,

When I was in mining I heard so many guys saying that they felt trapped in their jobs, their wives were home looking after the kids and feeling just as trapped in their home with baby talk, some families we’re launching home-based businesses to help bring them home permanently.  These were the families I also wanted to help because feelingtrapped is the worst thing ever!

Imagine having a family business that is that successful that your partner doesn’t have to fly away. Starting up a business platform for women was my way to help create awareness and a place for them to reach out.

When we were rained off one day I started my search for a web-developer and the journey of Fembuiz began.  Females in Business = Fembuiz.


Our Vision

We want women to lead a path with passion and a fulfilling purpose that will help others in the local community.  While living their best lives with their loved ones and creating their business dreams into a successful empire.

We value:

  • Leadership
  • Flexibility
  • Health, physically & mentally
  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Family, and
  • Fun

Fembuiz wants to connect with:

  • like-minded businesswomen
  • Your story
  • Products for women
  • Services to help women
  • Inspiring women wanting to share their business journey
  • Products & services related to children to help the working mums and mums in general.

We cover all industries from trades and services through to marketing, finance, advertising and home businesses. 



Our story’s diary:

2016 – 1st website started to be created and business name registry.

2017 – Business started launching and members started joining.

2018 – New website was launched and Facebook groups started to be created.

2019 – Networking events began.

2020 – “Oh my” Covid hit and online Zoom events were happening.

2021 – Zoom interviews started with members, recorded and published on YouTube.

2022 – Launch of the 111 Wellness Space in Medina, Partnering with Wesvault.