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  • Promote your business online and be more findable by increasing your online presence.
  • Help to increase your organic search results.
  • Gain more backlinks to your website or send visitors across to your Facebook page, group, LinkedIn, Instagram account or other.
  • We don’t just let ANY business list in our directory, they must match our Women In Business niche and must be at least 50% owned and operated by women, or they will get rejected.
  • Curated and managed by a human.
  • We check over all links and businesses listed to make sure they go to the related business.
  • No pay per click, enjoy your listing with no extra costs.

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“Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher”, ~ Oprah Winfrey

Membership Listing Packages:

Features & Fields, minimum requirements marked with * Free Listing Bronze listing Silver listing Gold listing
Business Name* 150 Characters 150 characters 150 characters 150 characters
Name* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Phone number Optional Optional Optional Optional
Postcode and State search Yes Yes Yes Yes
Statement field, for your mission, vision, cause or tagline statement 150 characters 150 characters 150 characters
Description* 250 characters 3000 characters 4000 characters 5000 characters
Email – contact listing form Yes Yes Yes Yes
Categories* Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Collect ratings and reviews Yes Yes Yes Yes
Profile image*, plus gallery 1 3 5 10
Clickable link to your website or online pages, groups or media publications* 1 2 3 5
File/document uploads (1500km each) for visitors to download
1 2 3
Google maps connection Yes Yes
SEO Keyword and title done for your page by us Yes Yes Yes Yes
SEO Meta description done for you by us Yes Yes Yes Yes
Image titles done by us for stronger SEO Yes Yes Yes Yes
Directory tags done by us Yes Yes Yes
24/7 user access to your account and listings so you can update your information as your business grows Yes Yes Yes Yes
Listing creation support, 1st initial description and account optimised and created by our team
Promotional Bonus Extras:
Facebook group post-approval – “Women in Business – Australia”. Become an author within our Facebook group community and promote your business in front of 7000+ members
Yes Yes Yes
Recorded live interview with Rebecca and posted to our YouTube channel
One blog publication, on our homepage for 7 days, plus, shared across to our newsletter followers, Facebook page and groups (700 words and 4 images per blog, 10,000+ followers).
NEWStatistics Visit Counter, see how many visits your listing has had. Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 months Yearly
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subscription listing
subscription listing
Yearly subscription, inclusive of GST. $0.00 $39.99 $69.99 $149.99
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Aim to help
Challenge yourself

The Fembuiz Steps

Register: Register and create your user account, you can then create directory listings and comment on blogs. These details are confidential and we never share or sell our database listings or emails to a 3rd party.

Step 1: Select the business categories your business operates under, the minimum requirement is to select one, you can always add more later.

Step 2: Start creating your business listing for the public to see, including a hidden email that the public can contact you on using your contact form.

Step 3: Upload your images and documents.  Select one of these images to be your main profile picture.

Make payment using Paypal or Stripe for your selected plan and Save Changes.

Once you have submitted your listing this will go into the pending mode, once we have checked over your submission it will be approved, please allow 48 hours.

You can log back into your account and change these details at any time, even after it’s been published.

If you find the business category you ideally want isn’t in there, don’t worry we can add it in for you, email us and let us know.

The Fembuiz network

  • Newsletter followers 1500+
  • Fembuiz Directory – Facebook page 2200+
  • Women in Business – Australia (Fembuiz)  – Facebook group members 7000+
  • Women in Business – Western Australia (Fembuiz) – Facebook group members 700+
  • 111 Wellness Space – Medina, WA

Affiliated Sponsors

We partner with Affiliated sponsors helping to fill the directory and drive traffic, Rebecca reviews their female related products and discusses distribution, these can be found on our video page and YouTube channel.

Just incase you’re not sure what this means, if you follow the link provided and when or if you purchase a product Fembuiz gets a small commission. This helps us to keep the listing expenses down for our members.

If you would like your business to become an Affiliated sponsor please contact us, if you would like to see the current Affiliated sponsors there is a link provided in the footer of the website.

Google Analytics

Fembuiz Traffic

Statistics over 3 years from 2019-2021

Fembuiz has visitors from all over the world, with Perth, WA ranking #1 for visitors over the previous 3 years.

73% of visitors were from Australia

16.3% came from the United States, and

5% from India

Our most visited categories have been : 

1 Business Services
2 Construction and Trades
3 Legal, Finance and Insurance
4 Sporting Groups
5 Designers, artists and handmade goods

Our most visited blogs:

2019 2020 2021
1st Men’s networking and business groups Acronyms and abbreviations for social media and business chats Eat for your hormones with Lyn Fernie
2nd Social Media and Digital Market Success Best times to post on different social media platforms The best-fitting snow pants for women ever created by Maria Baker
3rd How to overcome injuries with Julie Metsola Eat for your Hormones with Lyn Fernie Megan Haigh and the Executive Entourage