Restructuring our Fembuiz memberships and groups.

memberships and groups

Fembuiz DirectoryWe are currently restructuring our Fembuiz memberships and groups.

Our private Fembuiz members only Facebook group will soon close.
The good news is our large group with 7000+ business women across Australia is available for you to post in.
For members to post in this group you must now be a member and have your business listed in our directory at
You can submit your posts to our audience, then you will need to wait for approval.
So, if you’re not in the group already please jump over to “Women in Business – Australia” and join us there.
The current structure is not sustainable, therefore I am acting on immediate changes, starting with restructuring our Fembuiz memberships and groups.
Our story
I would like to thank everyone for your support this far with the Fembuiz journey. 
Anyone with a current business listing and membership, your membership will remain as a founding member for next 12 months, then will require renewal with the new membership offers.
Warm regards
Rebecca Bekkers