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We know that running a business and looking after a family, maintaining our health while still having a social life can be hard to balance, we want somewhere for our hard working women on the site to turn to when things get tough while you also get to promote your book on our website and list your skills and book in our Directory.

This year we aim to bring in a new feature page to the website called the “Pie of Life” full of book recommendations in these key areas to help people across Australia, so if you have published a self-help book please let us know about it by emailing us at or post a copy to PO Box 4087, BALDIVIS WA 6171.

We are looking for books to review and recommend on these 8 key areas of life:

1- Career
2- Finance
3- Personnel Growth
4- Health
5- Family
6- Relationships
7- Social Life
8- Attitude

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