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TEDx Power talks for business women

These inspiring power talks for businesswomen by women will help to show you the only person you should compare yourself with is yourself, with who you were yesterday or years before, most of the time we are comparing ourselves with others, their perceived success and with what is perfect, and let’s not forget those walls you once built, limiting beliefs and your self-sabotage.

These TEDx talks are powerful and they are helping to shape the world and provide positive insights for us all, these can help to reset the mind, so when you have a few minutes or an afternoon to sit back, watch and listen and get remotivated.

I have collected a series of power talks from women about being mentally strong, whistle-blowers, digital rights, your life’s purpose, connecting with your passion, unlocking your authentic career and building resilience, from personal experiences from these women.


1. The secret of becoming mentally strong – Amy Morin

  • Becoming mentally strong
  • Coping with life-changing events after life-changing events
  • How your thinking can hold you back
  • Retraining your brain
  • Focusing on one little bad habit at a time
  • Find and change your limiting beliefs one a time, by starting with just one

Duration: 15:01


2. Why do we hate whistle-blowers? – Kelly Richmond Pope

  • Why do they get fired?
  • Are they fraudulent?
  • How they can make a positive impact?
  • Whistle-blowing blogs, getting death threats and being sued
  • Investigating and collecting evidence
  • Fairness over fame, the drive to come forward
  • Being hopeful, committed, humble and brave
  • The domino effect, shaping history
  • Name-calling a Whistle-blower

Duration: 13:26


3. Digital Rights: Why we deserve a free and fair internet – Priscilla Chomba

  • The fate of not having digital access
  • How do those without the internet cope with the pandemic and other health issues?
  • 2 billion people are affected globally and don’t have access, we need their voices
  • The internet has the power to connect the world even more
  • Give more people the right to learn
  • We need government and development partners
  • The poor are being left behind
  • Long-term improvement, how can you contribute?

Duration: 9:49

4. The shocking truth about finding your life purpose – Nikki van Schyndel

  • Wanting to make a difference in the world
  • Underestimating the mind of a child
  • Pushing and shoving your way to success and your meaningful life purpose
  • Not knowing where you belong, defying your fears, becoming fearless and refusing to obey your fears
  • The true meaning of “life’s purpose”
  • Becoming your greatest self
  • Fears are a call to adventure and wonder

Duration: 14:35

5. Connect to Your passion by paying attention to the Whisper – Adriana Girdler

  • Organising, planning, vision boards and statements, is it enough?
  • Deep information, the power of art and vision
  • Going further inwards, analysing yourself and empowering yourself
  • The power of saying “Yes” and “No”, adding colour to your visual vision statement
  • Breaking the, “but….”, bleep, bleep da bleep… creating your own theme song
  • Listening to the whisper
  • How many times have you said “No” to opportunities?
  • “Ah-Ha” moments

Duration: 16:44

6. Three questions to unlock your authentic career – Ashley Stahl

  • How holding a gun in the workplace reshaped my identity
  • What do people tell you what you’re good at?
  • Are you overlooking your natural skills and talent?
  • Your repeat offending thoughts
  • Pay attention to your fears so you can rise above them
  • Opening your emotional backpack
  • Communicate like a pro

Duration: 9:52

7. How to thrive in an Era of uncertainty – Genevieve Searle

  • Dancing through pain and celebrating passed existence
  • Loss of freedom and dealing with chaos
  • Fight, flight and freeze, they’re not wrong
  • Creative thinking and opening up your world
  • Changing your world without leaving your bedroom
  • Endurance exercise, how dancing can be therapeutic and life-changing
  • You are the one you’re waiting for

Duration: 11:39


8. How to build resilience as your superpower – Denise Mai

  • My first 50 dollar note
  • I blew off the corporate world for Real Estate Entrepreneurism
  • Resilience is more than a skill that can be taught overtime
  • Change your perspective, circumstances and reframe
  • Choose your response and your reaction
  • Action your dream

Duration: 11:54


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