How to overcome injuries with Julie Metsola

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Julie’s journey started 18 years ago when she was in a serious car accident and hit by a drunk driver. She sustained injuries to her neck, shoulder and upper back, and is lucky to still be here. Her doctor recommended she try Yoga to help heal her injuries, she did and has since practiced yoga for the past 18 years and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Six years ago Julie discovered her passion for training with weights when she went to see a personal trainer to even further her strength and rehabilitation. She found both of these practices helped with her injuries and both came quite easy to her, she then decided to become a qualified PT herself so that she could help other people become fit, strong, healthy and heal their injuries too.

She previously worked as a bookkeeper and after having time off to have a family decided that she didn’t want to return to this career and was going to help people instead. She has now been a fully qualified PT, Group fitness leader, Nutritional Coach and Yoga Instructor since the start of 2018.

Julie juggles her new business around her 2 children and her husbands FIFO work. “It can be hard at times, however I get a lot out of it. It’s very rewarding helping people” Julie said. Her favourite quote is “Small Changes lead to big change” which is exactly what she sees in her clients and is extremely proud of them all.

Julie teaches an over 50’s strength and Eccentric exercise class 3 times a week and has various personal training clients, she instructs occasional yoga classes and gives all her clients nutritional advice.

Julie Metsola – Mojo Fitness & Nutrician

How to Self-heal by Gwenda from Shapechanger


At 8 years old Gwenda knew she wanted to be a nurse and had a strong passion to help people be well, then at 16 to begin conquering this quest started studying health while also passing her TEE exams, but she wanted to know more about the indicate workings of the human body, an opportunity to take up the role of scrub nurse in the operating theatre came up, soon enough she worked her way up to the position of senior scrub nurse.

“I reveled in the theatres amazement at the inner workings of the human body and the amazing things it was capable of recovering from.”

Gwenda’s sense of purpose grew when hearing the patient was about to receive the traumatic news that they had a terminal condition and that making memorable moments with loved ones is now a race against time when they woke up from surgery, when they would of been counting on good news. Gwenda didn’t want to leave the patient now having to handle this news on their own, break the news to their families and learn how to manage this condition while fighting depression, anxiety and a world of heartache, she wanted to teach them how this condition came about and how to heal it, she wanted to guide, educate and mentor them to self-heal the damage.

After furthering her knowledge on the human body and mind Gwenda is often contacted by people from around the world and across Australia when the Doctors can’t get them or a family member well. She is called upon to attend the hospitals in Perth to visit the people who are ailing badly, and no treatment is working for them.

“Parents bring their children and babies to me when they have seen no improvement from treatments”.

Doing so gives them hope that they previously didn’t have and helps improve their quality of life.

She also offers regular workshops and one on one programs providing people with the tools and modalities which they can apply to everyday living. Gwenda has also started writing a book and seeks opportunities to speak with associations and clubs, as well as being sought after to attend events she is soon to be speaking in Canada at the Fearless One Woman Summit next April. (2018).

“I have dedicated my life to help people be well and happy, this is my greatest love and life’s work, born with the gifts of an authentic shaman, healer and waymaker.”

Workshops and programs run by Gwenda from Shapechanger:

● Healthy gut healthy life
● How to become the creative designer of your life.
● Reclaim your life
● Feed your gut nourish your soul
● How to manifest the love of your life
● Fit for living well for life
● Who am I

You can visit her website for more info or to book one of her workshops.