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Crowdfunding pitch

Crowdfunding pitchAre you still trying to create that winning crowdfunding pitch for your campaign? A mind-blowing pitch is what you will need to seal the deal. Crowdfunding platforms offer a large online audience to present your campaign goals, but a pitch that catches the investor’s attention will set you apart from the rest.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is an excellent opportunity to source funds for a project or business idea. It helps make finding funds simple by obtaining investments and small donations from a large number of people. People with financial resources can now easily contribute to business concepts they find interesting without the hassle of going through major legal channels.

How do I create a winning pitch?

When you write a pitch from your audience’s perspective, putting it together becomes much more manageable. The more questions you address in your pitch, the more likely you will obtain investors for your campaign. Here are the top ways to create a winning pitch:


1. Your business needs a solid business plan 

To launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, you must communicate project information so that investors understand right from the start what your business is about and why they should invest in it. Your first step should be to create a solid business plan for your crowdfunding campaign, containing the problem your idea will solve for the consumer, what sets your ideas apart from the competitors, and how you will market your ideas.


Pitching your business2. Capture investors with your story

Telling your chosen audience a story about how your business idea originated is a description that encompasses both the project and the product or service. It would help if you shared an engaging story about how you came up with your business idea. Include some aspects of your business plan as well as your founding story. Your story is a creative way that allows investors to understand you better personally and professionally, promoting trust and confidence in you and your business idea.


3. Know your audience

Try to find your audience within a community of like-minded people, as these are the people that will likely back your idea. Research the age, gender, location, and interests of your target audience. Examine the difficulties they may experience, the products and services they utilise, and what about your industry that appeals to them. This research is essential to finding your ‘crowd’ and positioning your product in the right market.


4. Use facts and data

Your confidence in your product has led you to believe that it will succeed. Investors do not offer funding with only your belief that your idea will work. So, before starting your crowdfunding journey, make sure you have done all the research and evaluations to offer investors the facts and data on why the market requires your product. Facts and data make your pitch more credible, as most investors would like to see something tangible instead of investing in promises alone.


Crowdfunding pitch5. Show the estimated cost and project timeline

Give investors an overview of your timeline and the costs involved using visuals, such as graphs. For example, a 5-year revenue and cost projection offer, enough information for an investors to grasp when to expect a return on investment (ROI). A project timeline will make investors feel included in the process with precise dates from product development to launch.


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If you are looking for a site to list and pitch your idea please visit this blog I found by Elegant Media – “5 Top Crowdfunding Websites Australia“.


Fembuiz Directory – fembuiz.com.au

Facebook group – Women in Business – Australia



Helping a friends business

Business friendsDiving right in and starting a new business can be daunting, but with your help, you can be a supportive friend or loved one by collaborating or helping a friend’s business. Connect with your loved one’s businesses and offer the much-needed support and learn something new along the way!

What’s the best way to help a friend’s business?

One of the best ways to support your friend’s business is to spread the word about their product or service and get their name out there to help their customer base grow. So, let’s explore the various ways you can be there for those closest to you and their ventures!

Offer Helpful Advice

Knowledge is power! Having your own business can be overwhelming, but if you have more experience than your friends, discuss their areas of concern and offer valuable advice. How can you help them grow as a business? Remember that it’s all in the delivery, so if you have some criticism, couple it with meaningful advice and support their journey.

Engage With Their Social Media

Social media is essential for startups. For example, Facebook has more than 70 billion users, and 2 million small businesses use the platform for advertising. Help a friend’s business by leaving a review, sharing their posts, inviting your network to join events, and increasing their brand awareness. 

Social MediaCollaborate With Their Business and Your Own

What better way to help a friend’s business than a good collaboration between theirs and yours. For example, offer a discount or voucher to your friend’s business if they purchase from you and vice versa. You can host events together for both businesses and refer consumers to each other. Ensure that the collaboration is in the best interest of both companies.

Offer to Volunteer and Visit Their Events

Every startup needs a helping hand. You can help a friend’s business by volunteering your time. Even if you have an hour to spare this week, your friend will appreciate the support. Volunteering is also helpful if you are interested in the same industry, leading to future opportunities. 

Pay for Your Friend’s Service

Don’t take advantage of your friend if they have a service or product you could use in your own life or business. Your friend is trying to make a living and can’t spend their time and resources on giving freebies to all their friends and family. Ensure you pay them full price, and it’s guaranteed they will feel appreciated.


CollaboratingFinal Thoughts

Collaborating or helping a friend’s business helps set your friend up for success, and you will benefit as well. By spreading the word about your friend’s startup and widening their networking abilities, your friend will have a good start entering the business world.

Successful people are known for giving back to their communities, so embrace this moment. Who knows, your friend could be helping you at a later stage with a massive business deal or connection!